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Carnival of Cities: Food Edition

Carnival of Cities: Food Edition Photo

Photo by Samlawali

Posted on November 12, 2007 in Trip Ideas

Last Monday, we called for submissions to the very first IgoUgo-hosted Carnival of Cities. We’re excited to present this around-the-world tour of city blogs, which includes some of the tasty food posts we requested, as well as some more general food for thought. Welcome to the Carnival of Cities: Food Edition.

Oaxaca City, Mexico: Did we say “tasty”? We’re not sure if Wendy at Escape from New York presents a tasty snack, but she does offer a fascinating look at the chapulines of Oaxaca. Her photo of the critters is gorgeous, but we think we prefer the sound of the Oaxacan chocolate she extols.

San Francisco: You know the game where you pick your ideal dinner companions? Well, we choose the Go San Francisco Card Blog crew. Maybe it’s not surprising that they’ve found delicacies like cardamom-cinnamon rice and honey wine in one of the best restaurant cities on the planet, but it is impressive that they’ve done it on the cheap—and are willing to share their secrets.

Naples, Italy: Meanwhile, Tui Bijoux, the American behind Napoli-based mental mosaic, dishes her observations on Neapolitans’ two great loves: walking and talking. She also explains how these two passions accommodate the city’s third love, gelato (we knew the post from Naples would somehow lead to food).

Charlottesville, Virginia: We love the title of angelawd’s account of her weekend in Virginia: Sensory Intoxication. You don’t often associate those words with Charlottesville (at least not the first one), but she paints a vivid picture of the town and its culinary offerings, from BBQ to the “best falafel” ever.

Lithuania: Kristie at Norway – An American in Oslo introduces us to Lithuania through its food as she discovers the joys of being force-fed. But it’s her photo of hot pink “red beet soup” that is most intriguing.

Stull, Kansas: Also weird in a good way is the trip Blue Skelton Productions takes to a town with the dubious distinction of having one of the world’s most haunted cemeteries. Blue Skelton visited before the town’s even more haunted site was demolished and reports back.

Washington, D.C.: Jon at The DC Traveler had the less scary job of attending a Bellydance Superstars show in his hometown, where he interviewed the troupe’s legendary manager and got the lowdown on the unexpected new “bellydance center of the world.”

Palo Alto, California: Steve_Leung’s Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog hosts a tour of Palo Alto, and we, for one, are sold. All it took were the descriptions of the University Café and the Palo Alto Creamery.

Mount Dora, Florida: Judging by the peppermint bark filling up the shelves of our local markets, we can no longer deny that the holiday season has begun, so we’re feeling inclined to do some cooking at home these days. Luckily, the Perceptive Travel Blog feeds our nesting instincts by alerting us to the fabulous Fiesta dinnerware and other finds at a giant market down south. If the deals don’t hook you, Perceptive Travel says the lovely town will.

India: Alfa King writes from his home in Mauritius, but his mind is squarely in India as he demystifies Divali so we too can enjoy the Hindu holiday with a delicious gâteau batate.

Goa, India: Blogger Sidhusaaheb, on the other hand, is actually in India, where he introduces us to Goa through the city’s often overlooked villas.

Santiago, Chile: Even before knowing which food and architecture to look for when visiting a new city, every traveler needs to know how to get around. The Real Santiago explains the deal with his adopted city’s new public transportation system; you won’t even find this information in your guidebook.

Seattle: And before you need to know how to get around belowground, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of a city’s airport; Mary Jo at The Seattle Traveler gives us some insight into Sea-Tac Airport—and what happens to the luggage you left behind there.

London: Our favorite family-minded Seafarer shares a new idea for sailing through London with kids. Her strategy involves a stop at an unlikely underground spot—and it isn’t the Tube.

Puerto Rico: With or without children in tow, one activity you’re guaranteed to enjoy in Puerto Rico’s towns is eating. Use this guide the next time you Visit the Coqui, and you’ll have an entire menu in mind before you set foot ashore.

Boulder, Colorado: Manjiri at prepares for her move to Boulder with a look at what residents have to say about the city, including locals’ affectionate (we think) names for the area’s four seasons (hint: all involve “winter”).

Dubai: On a warmer side of the world, Grace is quite genuine in her embrace of a rainy day in the desert—the first in 8 months. If the drizzle keeps up, she may be trading in her Sandier Pastures for greener ones.

Ko Chang, Thailand: In case you need a vacation after all this armchair travel, we end this week’s carnival on a peaceful Thai island. The artThailand blog lets us tag along on an adventure to a largely undeveloped island—except, of course, for an English Bulldog named Angus.

Next Monday, the party moves to Kate and Neil’s Official Website; don’t forget to submit your blog posts to their edition of the Carnival of Cities!

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