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Top 10 Big Media Travel Blogs

Top 10 Big Media Travel Blogs Photo

Photo by captain oddsocks

Posted on October 16, 2007 in Travel Tips

More and more traditional media outlets are jumping into the blog arena, sometimes with results that one-up their original publications. Here are our picks for the best travel blogs from newspapers, magazines, and television.

1. The LA Times’ Daily Travel Deal Blog
Travel blogger extraordinaire Jen Leo excels at finding the day’s best deals, such as where you can affordably spend the night in a bullfighting ring. She isn’t afraid to mix a little fun with her numbers, though, and reports on news like a travel-industry wedding with some interesting guests.

2. The International Herald Tribune’s Globespotters
The IHT takes advantage of its global network of reporters to produce a travel blog that feels homegrown whether you’re in London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, or beyond. This means that there’s something for everyone, as evidenced by a recent post titled “Chic cuisine even my great-aunt can love.”

3. Budget Travel’s This Just In
Like its sister magazine and website, Budget Travel’s blog is a go-to source for seeing the world on a shoestring. We love it for its facts (bargain Barcelona eats), candor (sneaking extra guests into a hotel room), and community features (question of the week).

4. USA Today’s Today in the Sky
There’s a reason Ben Mutzabaugh’s blog is always the most read story on USA Today’s travel pages: he’s the authority on all things air and posts the latest news all day long. It’s a worthwhile stop before heading to the airport.

5. CBS News’ The How-To Travel Guru
The title of CBS’ travel blog is a bit misleading. The column, written by journalist Jim Gallo, is more personal—and funnier—than the name suggests. Case in point: his golf course run-in with a matronly Frenchwoman screaming that she “did not have an affair with Joseph Kennedy!”

6. The Washington Post Travel Log
With eight contributing bloggers, the Post is able to cover traveling from every angle, making it our choice for the most comprehensive mass-market travel blog out there. As a bonus, its daily blog posts yield a high number of comments, providing even more interesting reading.

7. The Guardian Travelog
The internationally-minded Guardian travel blog strikes a perfect balance by publishing both whimsical and serious stories for travelers. If it’s important—from unrest in Burma to affordable London hotels—it’s included.

8. The Denver Post’s Winging It
Kicked off just last month, Denver’s newest blog is off to a flying start. Editors filter travel news from a variety of news outlets and feed us need-to-know information for flying to the Mile High City—or anywhere else.

9. CNN’s Business Traveller Blog
If you’ve seen Richard Quest on CNN, you’ve probably thought that the indefatigable Londoner would be a prime candidate for some sort of reality show—or blog. He’s online in all his enthusiastic glory, keeping us informed of his travels around the globe with a focus on the discerning business traveler.

10. Condé Nast Traveler’s The Perrin Post
Nobody sleuths out and dishes travel secrets like consumer news editor Wendy Perrin, and here, with the help of her top-notch team of bloggers, she offers at least one gem a day. One cool tidbit: the blog’s newest team member is John Oseid, the man behind the magazine’s monthly “Where Are You?” feature—and he’s brought the addictive game with him.

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