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Halloween How-To: From Frightening to Friendly

Halloween How-To: From Frightening to Friendly Photo

Photo by sjmclaughlin

Posted on October 10, 2007 in Travel Tips

It only takes a slight chill in the air—and countless ghoulish store decorations—to remind us that Halloween is swiftly approaching. From the teeth-rotting goodness of candy corn to the heart-pumping spookiness of haunted houses, Halloween is an increasingly popular holiday; for some, it affords the opportunity to let out the inner monster in all of us, while others use it as a chance to amass a stockpile of miniature candy bars. Whether you want to play a trick or just eat treats, IgoUgo members can scare you in the right direction.

IgoUgo Tricks:

The Old City Jail via the Haunted Jail Tour
The aptly named vampirefan gives us her top pick for a legitimate ghostly experience. On this tour in Charleston, SC, an eerie air washes over you when you read that “amongst the peeling paint on the walls, you can make out shapes and profiles of the men who took their last breaths and whose spirits have never left.”

The Raven’s Grin Inn
This unique venue in Mt. Carroll, IL, toes the line between campy and creepy. Member cls223 admits that it “has its quota of the usual faux-scary fake skeletons, phony blood splatters, and the like,” but that spirits are known to roam the house. Apparently, “supernatural events have included ghost sightings, hair-pulling, touches, and voices.”

New Orleans Haunted History Tour
Further south, Jessicat1982 went on a ghastly guided tour of her own in the Big Easy. You can’t escape these spirits, either, as they frequent all the same haunts as you do. On the tour, you learn of “the axe murderer who stalked his victims and then killed off the entire family, and the woman who haunts the bar where you'll stop for a visit.” Be sure to buy him a drink! This tour stuck with member Laura, too. Her experience on the same tour led her to the old slave pens, where, “if you stick your hand through the bars, some people are said to have numbness in their arms or legs.”

Hauntings at the Mordecai Home
Our fright-finding friend, vampirefan, found yet another scare in Raleigh. Apparently, at this site, “an employee left for the day, and when she turned near the Johnson home, she noticed a lighted candle that seemed to be held by an invisible hand on the first floor; within seconds, the candle was upstairs. A person could not have moved that fast.”

Gettysburg Ghost-Hunting
For our more skeptical readers, steelersgal78’s experience may be more convincing. While snapping photos at Gettysburg, she claims: “One shot I took, aiming into the woods, showed the figure of a soldier, standing with his gun aimed towards me.” Why this photo isn’t on the site is as mysterious to us as the tale itself.

Ghost Hunters Walk
Meanwhile, some ghosts seem to be less scary and more odd. Not too far from her hometown, Newcastle native milliebell headed north for a walking tour in which the tour guide described Mr. Boots, who was a known misanthrope while alive and has been known to demand from the grave that visitors leave his chambers while on the tour.

IgoUgo Treats:

Speedy specters and fearsome phantoms may not be your cup of tea, or maybe you’re looking for something more family-friendly. Have no fear: we’ve got things to do that are more fun and less fright, too.

Wicked, The Musical
Along with ghosts, witches are certainly one of the most pervasive ambassadors of Halloween. And perhaps no other witch is more well-known than Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. With the show in five cities and on tour around the globe, you have many chances to catch it. With true wisdom, member travelwisdom poses the question, “What better time to see a Broadway show about witches than on opening night and Halloween night?” If you love musicals or are carting the kids around, the answer should be obvious.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Parade
There is no better place to avoid spookiness than the self-professed Happiest Place on Earth. It’s labeled as a “must” by gatmaitan, and he also tells visitors to “bring your trick-or-treat bag, as you will surely get great treats from the characters.” Candy and Mickey Mouse? For most kids, this is a no-brainer.

Knott’s Berry Farm
For a truly relaxed Halloween, Knott’s is ideal. After all, there is nothing scary about berries (though we do admit that Frankenberries have a certain fright factor). With the rides decked out in spider webs and spooky music in the air, member LoCho remarks that this family favorite provides “a safe atmosphere to have some Halloween fun.”

Whether you prefer to trick or treat, there are plenty of ways to scare up some good fun on Halloween; don’t be scared to share your own tips. We’re just dying to hear them!

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