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Farewell, Oktoberfest: A Report from Munich

Farewell, Oktoberfest: A Report from Munich Photo

Photo by ripplefan2

Posted on October 5, 2007 in Trip Ideas

As you bid auf Wiedersehen to Oktoberfest this weekend, reminisce with ripplefan2’s dispatch from Munich. The ambitious traveler went, saw, danced, and reported back before the last stein was served.

In his brand-new journal, My Oktoberfest Experience, the New Yorker is just back from Germany and recounting his days at this year’s beer bonanza. He says that lines for beer tents were like “something right out of Studio 54” and that all the singing and dancing made him feel like he was in “a high school cafeteria that had an open bar and a food fight all at the same time,” but the bands, beer, and pretzels were decidedly traditional.

Even party-hardy ripplefan2 was impressed with the scale of the event; it spread beyond the tents to parades, brewery carriages, a Ferris wheel, and even the subway, which was “just like the beer tent: smoky, reeking of beer, and loud.” Read his reviews of opening day—he was there from the tapping of the first keg—and opening night for an insider’s take on 24 hours in Munich.

If his description of the screaming crowd’s rendition of 99 Luftballons has you dreaming of throwing on some lederhosen and booking a ticket for 2008, ripplefan2 reads your mind: “Was it worth it? Totally! If you can, hit up Oktoberfest. It’s amazing!” Seeing as he’s just back from the frenzy, he’s a particularly reliable source—so when the time comes, let us know how next year’s events compare to these wild stories. And, one last time, prost!

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