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Photo by rickhowe

Posted on September 14, 2007 in Trip Ideas

With Cinco de Mayo revelry so far off, we were thrilled to learn that September 16 is Mexico’s Independence Day. Here are six travelers to consult before heading south—or maybe just to your local taqueria—to celebrate:

1. JesusW has woven his passion for his home country into the better part of 45 journals, along with his gift for teaser titles: “Leather All Over You,” “Flying in the Middle of a Cave,” and “Lego Blocks for Giants” are just a few (on Leon, the Riviera Maya, and Hidalgo, respectively). Of course, we’re partial to his “Gastronomic Tour” series and the pozole and arrachera it brings to light.

2. Speaking of Mexican cuisine, little did we know that when Andariega debuted “The Gringa Who Ate Vallarta” in 2003, it would be the start of a long run of insider guides to Mexico and its delicacies. She’s kept us satisfied ever since with her palate for good food and good humor.

3. Lucky for us, Mexico City resident becks is able to see his own city through a traveler’s eyes. His Mexico City and Teotihuacan journals are as candid, detailed, and full of wonder as those born of his frequent trips to Europe. We have one small request for this IgoUgo Hall of Famer: tell us more!

4. Whether he’s talking about Cabo or Tijuana, El Gallo strikes a balance between being eminently informative and hilariously down-to-earth. His know-how and “I don't mind being called a tourist” ethos have led him to some great discoveries. A typical El Gallo description: “This ain't Monte Carlo. But it ain't Gilligan's Island, either.”

5. Guadalajara has held a special place in the hearts of rickhowe and family since they brought home their adopted son from the city 20 years ago. His child isn’t the only reason rickhowe adores Mexico; he seems to find his inner child there, too, and he loves that his “hand-waving Spanish” improves as soon as he sets foot south of the border—must be all that mariachi music he joins in singing.

6. Casa Machaya may not be Oaxacan by birth, but we can’t imagine a better spokesman for the southern city than this Canadian transplant. His ever-expanding journal has become the authoritative guide to his adopted hometown, whether you’re researching how to navigate its perilous roads or how to entertain your children there. Gracias intrépidos viajeros!

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