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Daily Specials | Multicultural McDonalds & More

Daily Specials | Multicultural McDonalds & More Photo

Photo by pack_light

Posted on September 12, 2012 in Food and Drink

Just as the world of travel is constantly changing, so is the world of food. Restaurants all around the world must keep up with technology, visitor needs, and current trends. From fine dining to fast food, some high-profile eateries are making big changes to attract not only travelers, but locals alike.

A new and improved buffet at Caesars Palace will leave diners with their choice of luxury food options with a $17 million renovation. This Las Vegas staple now boasts nine kitchens and will offer over 500 choices to hungry visitors; everything from dim sum to red velvet pancakes is on the menu. Almost 200 people will be employed by the buffet- the first to open in a few years, and will cost about $40 per person. No word on chocolate fountains yet. 

Schloss Vollrads, arguably the oldest operating winery in the world, just rolled out their 800th vintage. The German winery started operations in 1211 (crazy, we know). The winery has a storied history, as any would at this age, and is commemorating this huge event with wine and food pairing on site. 

McDonalds is continuing its dominance of fast food and has recently been in talks of opening two new vegetarian branches in India. The branches will sell no pork of beef products because of religious beliefs. Over in China, the golden arches have cooked up a pair of black and white paired burgers. These enigmatic sandwiches are said to represent the good and bad in everyone (yeah, we don't really get it either). The burgers special ingredients include black pepper sauce, white sesame seeds, and a sweet and sour sauce. 

Lastly, tomorrow is International Chocolate Day! Whether you are in Belgium, Switzerland, or Hershey- indulge yourself!

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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