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Photos of the Week: Animals of Australia

Photos of the Week: Animals of Australia Photo

Photo by Dutchnatasja

Posted on September 7, 2012 in Photos

It is well-known that Australia is a continent and country bursting with Biodiversity. From the arid Outback to the colorful Great Barrier Reef, this is a truly remarkable place that allows life to flourish in all shapes and sizes. Not only is it a top travel destination for its bustling cities and hot beaches, but for the diverse creatures that roam the land.

Today marks Threatened Species Day in Australia. Conservation is important to us here at IgoUgo, and we love seeing people help the critters- and vegetation- that make Australia and the rest of the world so full of life. Many organizations have dedicated their mission to not only help these animals by saving their habitat and trying to increase their populations, but to get the word out to the public as well. 

Our members have traveled from near and far to Australia, and have encountered some remarkable animals on their journeys. Whether they are endangered or not, all life makes Earth such a complex place!


Koala Bear. Photo by pdcnyc

Australian Fur Seals. Photo by dolphoto

Dugong. Photo by Bornsea

Emus. Photo by auskiwi

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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