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IgoUgo and TripButler Connect Travel and Technology

IgoUgo and TripButler Connect Travel and Technology Photo

Photo by kwasiak

Posted on August 12, 2012 in IgoUgo Updates

As we travel the world and technology advances faster than the speed of light, it only makes sense that the two should complement each other. Although travelers are increasing the distance between origin and destination, it is becoming ever easier to find ways to stay connected with home and up to date with everything going on around you. And of course, the best part of being able to have your computer or iPad with you on your trip is the ability to write reviews and upload photos while you are at your hotel.

TripButler is helping to close the tech gap as they offer WiFi devices that avoid roaming fees while allowing travelers to be online all the time. While normal WiFi cards most likely have to be plugged in a USB port, TripButler allows you to take the device with you anywhere you go, from the streets of New York to the beaches of Bali; TripButler is ideal for using travel apps. The device also allows more than one user to connect by creating a 3G hotpot- ideal for traveling with others.

TripButler is available on their website and you can currently rent them for the duration of your trip. The company eventually will establish a monthly rental plan for travelers that move around often. Use the dcode IgoUgo2012 to get a %10 discount!

Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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