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Spirit Air's Cheap Flights for the Dog Days of Summer

Spirit Air's Cheap Flights for the Dog Days of Summer Photo

Photo by butterfly53

Posted on August 8, 2012 in Travel News

We started the summer with cheap airfare, and we keep it rolling into the last few weeks. Before you head back to school or to that last wedding, check out Spirit Airlines mega-cheap deals. The enigmatic airline that has polarized many travelers is definitely known for one thing- cheap flights- and they keep up their reputation with a new sale.

Spirit's $9 Dollar Fare Club members will be able to take advantage of $40 round trip flights from a handful of cities if booked by tonight (August 8) by midnight ET. You can join their club at any time; $60 per year gives you access to this exclusive sale plus many of their other discounts. The club gives you the benefit of saving some serious cash on tickets as well as their fluctuating baggage fees. The price gives you a round-trip ticket for routes such as New York to Chicago and includes all taxes. One item of note for those not familiar with the airline- Spirit has fees for most luggage, carry-on included, so make sure to pack light so you don't outweigh the benefit of their prices.

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Posted by jhartmann13 (JJ Hartmann)

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