World’s Best Toilets

Some offer stunning views; some are on view to all who pass by. All of these commodes are uncommonly interesting.

Riga, Latvia

"The best bog in the Baltics" is at Riga’s Shot Café.

Photo by Liam Hetherington

Ephesus, Turkey

At the public bathroom in Ephesus, Turkey, men once relaxed to "soothing live music."

Photo by kkt007


A picturesque bathroom in Andringitra National Park, Madagascar

Photo by Slug


After admiring this pretty dock in Vietnam, the photographer found out it was a toilet.

Photo by jnetleigougo

Czech Republic

A stately WC in Znojmo, Czech Republic

Photo by captain oddsocks


An open toilet in London

Photo by paolo1899

Boppard, Germany

Eltzerhof Klause sports bar in Boppard, Germany, continues its theme in the bathroom.

Photo by fizzytom

Queensland, Australia

Billed as the Loo with a View, the bathroom at the Mooloolaba Esplanade in Queensland, Australia, is a popular rest stop.

Photo by stomps


It looks a bit out of place, but this safari toilet has "awesome views of the sky at night."

Photo by Raklak

Williamsburg, Virginia

A jail-cell toilet in Colonial Williamsburg

Photo by RoBoNC

Salzburg, Austria

Pretty in pink at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria; the bathroom even offers an email system.

Photo by wanderer 2005

Osaka, Japan

A typical Japanese control-panel toilet at the Hilton Osaka

Photo by samepenny

San Juan, Puerto Rico

View from the bathroom at El Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photo by travelswithkids