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Parting the Red Sea

Sunset Photo, Rota, Spain

This body of water is famous. As many people know, The Bible mentions it when Moses takes the Jews across this sea and defeats Ramses and his Egyptian army by drowning most of them as Moses closes the sea. If you have not read The Bible, you can watch the movie The Ten Commandments starring Charlton Heston- The movie is four-hours long, so you can fast forward to this part if you have the DVD version. Anyway, as my ship exited the Suez Canal, it entered the Red Sea. Here is an interesting fact: The Red Sea is not called it because the sea is red, but the mountains that surrounds the sea. The mountains have rocks that turn red as the sunsets.

The water is calm and clear. Even so, the weather is very hot on most days and humid. Every time I go down to the welldeck (a.k.a military ship’s basement), I would sweat so much that I believed that I lost 30 pounds the first 20 minutes I stood there. The welldeck is like a sauna. The funny part about this area of ship while in the Red Sea is that many people were crazy enough to exercise down there for at least two hours. One tip about going through the Red Sea during summer months is to drink lots of water- It is easy to dehydrate very quickly.

Steel Beach
The commanders on the ship would do Steel Beach- to improve moral and increase camaraderie- as a way to give Marines and sailors a break from work. The event would have plenty of events for many such as taking a small boat to fish or swimming in the Red Sea in the welldeck. Also, the event would provide tons of food such as burgers, steak, hot dogs, and BBQ ribs. The event would take place on the flight deck. I know that I mentioned about the weather, but I really mean it when I say drink plenty of water. The sun in the Red Sea will beat many people down to a pulp if they do not ensure that they drink plenty of fluids. I know when I was eating lunch on the flight deck that I gulp Gatorade in less than five seconds. The event would last most of the day, and many people had a great time. It is great to see 3,000 service members get together and relax.

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