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Sailing Through the Suez Canal

Early Morning  Photo, Rota, Spain

The famous Suez Canal is a vital body of water that many ships use every day. The canal allows for ships to travel from the Mediterranean Sea into the Red Sea; therefore, ships can quickly go from Europe to Asia by boat without traveling to the bottom of Africa. This canal saves money, time, and resources. As the three ships- USS Kearsarge, Carter Hall, and San Antonio- were crossing canal, this is what I experienced.

A Tale of Two Egypts
Egypt owns and maintains the canal. One side is Egypt Proper (The one with Cairo) and Sinai Egypt (The one with Mount Sinai with supposedly Moses talking to God). The interesting part is that I could see both sides of the canal. These two sides are like night and day. The Egypt Proper is like an oasis valley that is full of green and culture. The coast was lush, green, and full of life. As for the Sinai Egypt, it is just a desert wasteland. As far as the eye could from the boat, I could see only rocks, dirt, and more rocks. As I looked at the Sinai Egypt, it made me wonder why Israel bother to occupy this land after it defeated Egypt in the Six Day War. Furthermore, I could see why Israel clearly decided to give the land back to Egypt: The land was hard to control. Even so, make sure to bring your camera because you will witness some awesome views of both side of Egypt. You can see many of the aftermaths of war between these two countries. For example, you can witness the famous Peace Bridge that is an important symbol for both countries to maintain peace with each other.

The Canal
Trying to get through the canal is an all-day affair. With many ships using the canal to get to the Red Sea, it is a waiting game for many ships. My ship did not get through the canal until the next day, but even so, many people took advantage of the wait. Because the sun was blazing, many people decided to get sun tans, take pictures, or throw around a football (Going through the canal is a no fly-zone). Another tip I would recommend is to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen- It was like 110 degrees with the sun beating down on me. Seeing the different ships move through the waters is an amazing sight. You have many different ships from all over the world going through this one canal, and it is a sight to behold. I knew that I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to take photos, so I took as many until I became tired of take pictures. Overall, going through the Suez Canal is an experience like no other.

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