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Looking Down From Dow's Hill

Chain to keep visitors away from the cliff Photo, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Dow's Hill in English Harbour is one of the best places along the South-Western coast of Antigua to witness a beautiful sunset. It's located in the heart of the village and overlooks different angles of the bay, including a magnificent aerial view of Nelson's Dockyard.

The road leading up the hill is well paved and it constantly winds towards the summit. On the way up, there's thick vegetation of mostly acacia and cacti plants. There are several different type of cactus, and they dot the arid landscape, creating a desert-like atmosphere amidst a gorgeous blue oceanic background.

The views of English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour are magnificent from the Shirley Heights Lookout point. Here, and at the Blockhouse area on the Southern side of the hill are the best spots to witness the sun setting on the horizon from Dow's Hill. From Shirley Heights Lookout, you can observe yachts moored in the harbours and the rolling hills nearby while waiting for the late afternoon rays.

The weather conditions were mostly clear except for a small area of cumulonimbus clouds producing showers a few miles offshore. The view towards the South had great visibility, allowing the nearby islands of Guadeloupe and Montserrat to be easily seen. The area with the rain showers was towards the West, so the golden sky was punctuated with several dark and towering cloud formations which made for awesome photos.

Before the sunset ended completely, I quickly left Shirley Heights and drove to the Blockhouse location. In order to get there, you must drive down the hill until you arrive at a small round-a-bout. The other road leading upwards will take you there. The view of the sky from the Blockhouse was nothing short of dramatic.

An explosion of gold, white, blue and orange created a great manifestation of natural art. The sun struggled to be seen through the cloud cover, but its rays created a stunning silver lining and a kaleidoscope of colour across the sky.

The Blockhouse point overlooks the vast blue Caribbean Sea at one side, and the English Harbour village on another. This site is actually a National Park, as it was once used as a lookout point during the colonial days. Several of the old structures are still intact, and I love to see the large stone pillars which surround the edges of the cliff.

Dow's Hill is home to several interesting historical sites, so watching a brilliant sunset is simply a great way to end a day of sightseeing.

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