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The village of Srinice is located about one hours from Izmir and – to me at least – seemed a rather bizarre combination of hidden gem and tourist trap. I got the impression of having arrived at something of a tipping point in the village's history. It was buys with tourists, but not to the point of bursting and it still seemed to be made up primarily of local businesses – there were no global brands or even major Turkish brands on. Whether that will be the same in a couple of years or so is not so clear. Srinice is famous for a couple of things. The first is the one storey houses that are built on the mountainside in lines of terraces. The second is the local wine production.
I found the first of these two attributes to be something of a let-down. There was a lovely sense of perspective in their architectural style, but they did not seem anything truly wonderful. They blended into the mountains nicely and snapped a couple of cute pictures, but, if I am honest, five minutes of looking at how pretty they were was enough. After that we got onto the more serious business … the wine.
Rather than simply confining itself to grapes, Sirince produces wine from all types of different fruit. There are scores of small family-run stores where you can go to try and then buy. We started out at one in the centre of the village where the owner presented his wares on a long piece of wood dotted with circular holes filled with small shot glasses containing different wines. The selections was impressive. He allowed us to try:
Sour Cherry
Many of them were absolutely delicious and we passed a very pleasant half-hour trying them all.
We spent our evening in Sirinice touring the wine producers and also doing a little bit of souvenirs hopping. Pottery and handicrafts are a close second behind wines in the village's economy and we found some very nice local ceramics.
Sirinice is situated in the mountains close to the town of Selcuk, which is about an hour from Izmir. It can easily be combined with a trip to Efes, which is about 25 minutes away and is the perfect place for a spot of dinner and wine-tasting in the evening.

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