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The Journey to Bathsheba

Bathsheba Beach Photo, Bathsheba, Barbados

Although my visit to "Bathsheba" was not totally planned, it turned out to be an amazing adventure. I was briefed on the site by a few locals I met in Bridgetown earlier that day. They advised me of how to get there and suggested the bus as the best way to get a great feel of the island in a sense. I arrived at the bus terminal which was packed with kids on their way home from school as well as adults trying to make their way home from a long day of work. I proceeded to the queue line and waited for my turn to get on the bus. The bus fare was only $2 BBD which converts to just about $1 USD. In no time the bus was filled and we were well on our way. We rode through the city and made our way to the country side.
It was quite evident we crossed over into the country side as the temperature dropped and the cool breeze that flowed through the windows began caressing my face. It was so calming; I fell asleep for a few minutes. Just about 20 minutes later, I woke up! A bit embarrassed, but rested and ready to take in the view that awaited me. Colorful houses and lush vegetation along the hillside definitely gave me that distinctive island feel as we continued on our journey. As we slowly approached our destination our bus broke down. Not once, not twice, but three times!!! I was praying we wouldn’t get stranded as I was alone and knew no one. Luckily the driver was skillful and was able to get the bus going once more. The long winding and evenly sloped road seemed like it would never come to an end. Finally, I could hear the waves crashing against the shore. Alas, we were there! I signaled for my stop and proceeded towards "Bathsheba".
The view of the beach was absolutely amazing. It was so quiet; you could hear every wave crash and the birds chirping their sweet song. The rugged rock formation was created hundreds of years ago from an ancient coral reef and made their home on the beach’s shore. The beach is not great for swimming as the Atlantic waves make it difficult. However, these high waves make it a perfect area for surfing. Many tourist and locals come here to test out the waves. As a result it got its nickname "Soup bowl". Several times a year many surf competitions are held at "Bathsheba". One popular competition is the "International Pro Surfing Classic". Beach goers don’t be discouraged. Bathsheba has many areas for wading in its waters. Legend says the beaches waters are rich in minerals and is good for health and beauty of the body.
It is a popular beach for tourist and locals to hang out. You will find a few laying on it’s golden brown sand and basking in the sun’s rays or others having a picnic or family outing there as well. The beach is well equipped with facilities such as picnic benches and a play area to accommodate such.
"Bathsheba" is a definite must see when visiting Barbados. This historical landmark with its breathtaking view and calming atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and unwind.

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