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A cheap flight to Krakow

It's difficult to be too diverted at Kracow airport as it's a tiny little airport but it has a decent enough sitting area with plenty of comfortable chairs. In the airport lounge there are a couple of shops one selling general souvenirs and then a compact coffee bar. I made the mistake in standing at the wrong side of the counter at the coffee bar. The attendant looked up from "the right side" and in a somewhat irritated manner motioned with a slight inclination of the head and a shrug of her shoulder indicated that I needed to walk to her if I wanted service. She was certainly not going to take the two paces from her "station" to my side of the booth. I weakened and walked round to her to place my order for a couple of coffees, a Coke and a Fanta. I'd made a 28.50pln purchase and still had enough money in the communal purse to buy four bottles of water for the flight home.

The duty free shops were also pretty compact and they seemed to be majoring in, Not surpringly, various Vodkas. We had managed our polish currency pretty well and didn't need to look at off loading It on frivolity, not that I'd ever refer to Vodka as a frivolity (see my review on Krakow's Vodka Bar) so my examination was fairly brief in this section of the departure lounge.

Kracow airport is a bit of a contrast to our home airport (East Midlands) as there you can loose yourself in duty free for a fair time. Indeed whilst waiting for our outward flight I had purchase a litre bottle of "Monkey Shoulder", a blended Speyside whiskey. The great thing about this purchase was that I could collect it on our return journey so didn't need to lug it around with me.

The opportunity to people watch in Kracow was fairly limited as we were sat in lines of comfortable bench seats, but you could almost be forgiven for thinking that you were in a hospital waiting room as people stared aimlessly in front of themselves.

We'd arrived at the airport in good time and were able to relax. We'd walked to the departure gate on arrival and the whole business of moving us through the various airport processes was fairly relaxed. Indeed as we were not checking in luggage there was little or no queuing. This in itself was a novel experience for us as we had never before travelled with only hand luggage.

Certainly this way of travel has many attractions and when I next take a City Break I will make sure that we only carry enough for a couple of pieces of hand luggage. No more waiting at airport carousels or carrying heavy cameras In back packs. We now had a matching pair of wheeled suitcases that could fit comfortably in the overhead compartments and carry all required clothes for a long weekend away from home.

Travelling even lighter than normal was a challenging experience, but even with 10 kgs a piece (Including cameras, iPad, iPod, mobile phones and other electrical equipment) I managed to return to the UK with unworn items of clothing and weight to spare.

The only downside of this cheap airline flight (Ryanair) was the fact that there was no allocated seats so that meant that there was a bit of a mad rush to get on the plane. Mind you it didn't prove to be too big an issue as there were plenty to go round!

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