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Fleeting visit circa 2002

At the Bata Shoe Museum Photo, Toronto, Ontario

The year was 2002. I arrived in Toronto and had arranged to meet one friend at the hotel at 3:30 (Strathcona, see other review) and we were to then travel by subway to meet another friend at the Bata Shoe museum at 3:45. I got sorted out at the hotel, checked in and in the room before 3 and I thought I would have plenty of time to get to the Greyhound bus station to pick up a ticket for Peterborough tomorrow. Ha. It took a good 10 minutes to navigate Union Station which is not only a train station but a GO Train (commuter) station and a subway station. Two stops up and three blocks over and the queue for tickets was 30 people deep! Aggh! No way to get through all that and back to the hotel by 3:30 so i took a taxi and made it just on the dot.

Now the thing about meeting up with internet friends is that you don't always know what they look like! My friend had already arrived and must have mentioned to the concierge that she was waiting for a friend named Diane. She didn't remember my last name and felt he might have thought she was a very strange person wandering downtown hotels looking for Diane. But when I arrived, he called me and asked if was waiting for a friend. She must have described me, I guess. I don't remember knowing what she looked like or if I'd only seen a head shot of her, when I saw her she looked a bit different but it was Kathryn allright! We headed to the subway to the St. George stop where the museum was. Trish was waiting there for us. She laughed when we told her the story. She offered "You could have said to the concierge 'I don't suppose The Voice of Reason means anything to you?'" (My online nickname is 'tvor' and that's what it stands for)

We had a great time in the Shoe museum. It was really interesting and somewhere I would like to go back and see again! From there we went back downtown to the restaurant where we were meeting a few more of our gal-pals from our online chat room. Trish had chosen the Hot House Cafe on Church Street and it was a very good choice indeed! We walked back to my hotel and the transit stations since everyone had come in via subway or train. In midweek it's pretty quiet downtown as it's mostly a business district. The next day I was heading out to visit friends in Peterborough so it was a flying visit this time spent with good friends.

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