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Photographing the North-Eastern Coast

View From the Viewing Platform Photo, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

The coastal village of Freetown hosts some of the most stunning seascapes on the Caribbean island of Antigua. Two of the best spots to capture beautiful pictures of the indented shoreline and distant cliffs can easily be visited while driving along the Freetown Main Road.

The first spot is an actual designated viewing platform, situated atop a gentle incline just before entering the village. A small clearing nearby facilitates free parking, though it's only a mere three feet distance or so from the edge of the main road. After exiting my car, I walked over to the viewing platform which was more or less a long stretch of concrete, adorned with many pretty textured tiles.

Seeing as the platform is located at the brink of a steep cliff, the textured tiles provided a surface which offered some protection from slipping on rainy days. Another added safety measure was an installed iron railing which framed the viewing platform. The railing stood at approximately four feet in height, so parents with small children could photograph the scenery to their hearts' content without worrying about their young ones climbing over into dangerous terrain.

Speaking of the view, the sights from the platform are absolutely captivating, and appear to go on forever. The height and position of my vantage point resulted in a wide-angle panorama of the North-Eastern edge of the island, along with a perfect view of the far-off horizon.

I could see small ships cruising along nearby, leaving white foamy waves in their wake. The entire vista was idyllic and I was reluctant to leave. However, the sun was really unforgiving that day, so after admiring the surroundings for about ten minutes, I retreated to my car and drove to the next look-out spot.

The hill just before Half Moon Bay National Park is another great location to photograph the coastline. The deep curves of the bay along with the sparkling blue water, offers a truly picturesque scenery which many only see on television ads or postcards. I spotted waves on the Atlantic side of Antigua, as they rapidly rolled inland to batter the steep cliffs along the coast.

Road trips with island views such as these are amongst the list of cheaper activities to engage in while visiting a destination which is geared towards tourism. Aside from a bit of gas in the tank, a roadworthy vehicle and a detailed map, all you need is an adventurous spirit and a fully charged camera to record the memories. I had a great time and I can easily recommend it!

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