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Recycling at its best

Although Car boot sales are 10 a penny this one in the village of Icklesham is a regular event through the summer months and being at a bit of a loose end we decided to enjoy the summer’s day and check it out. In reality my son and his wife we wanting to go and we were quite happy to tag along and join the hunt for bargains.

The car boot sale is real easy to find as it is well signed as you drive through the village of Icklesham and although many people had parked on the roadside there is plenty of free parking in the adjoining field. There were marshals directing us to where there were parking places and it was all highly stress free. We parked the car on the edge of the field overlooking the Robin Hood Pub (see separate review) and headed back to the main field where the car boot was held. It was full of stalls and there was a notice on the main drive to this field advising potential late comers who wanted a plot for the day that the car boot was full to capacity. There were certainly plenty of stall to check at and we were soon heading off to "our starting point" having agreed a strategy for meeting up should we get separated. Indeed it was a racing cert that we would get parted as we all had different ideas what we were looking for

This car boot had a range of stalls from the local craft person who brought along their work to the individual clearing out their house of unwanted items (popularly referred to as de-cluttering). There were specialist stalls selling house and garden plants, music and DVD’s, but the majority were maintain the tradition of car booting by selling their own unwanted items, which ranged from good quality to indisputable rubbish. Well perhaps it wasn’t totally indisputable because we did see people buying some of it.

Needless to say that we didn’t find anything that we wanted to buy, but my son, an avid collector of vinyl, was quickly immersed in a box full of 45’s and it was no surprise to see him haggling over the price and then smiling contentedly as a price was agreed. Car boots are also a great place to pick up children’s toys and some of them were still in unopened boxes.

You can pick up a bargain, because prices tend to be on the cheap side. Well most people don’t go to a Sunday Market intending to spend a lot of money. For us it was interesting and it made me think about a lot of unwanted stuff in our loft that should be packed up and driven off to a car boot sale. Perhaps I’ll get round to it someday and convert my trash in to a little bit of extra cash. What I do know is that I won’t make a fortune and certainly most traders at Icklesham’s boot sale weren’t leaving with stacks of cash. But everyone smiled and looked happy. Perhaps that’s what its a bout – a bit of re-cycling, some bartering and a bit of light bantering.

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