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Disaster Strikes

My girlfriend and I had spent the weekend at a friend's wedding. This involved three nights of celebrations and plenty of alcohol. Therefore, as we took the bus to Glasgow airport we were looking forward to slumping into our seats and snoozing our way back to Nice (where we live) via a short stopover at Gatwick in London. We were both keen to get back as we had to work the following morning and wanted to get a good night's sleep. As you might expect, the sight of the word 'CANCELLED' next to our flight was not the most welcome. This was the beginning of one of the most unpleasant travel experiences I have endured.

Once we had seen the announcement on the departures board we made our way to the British Airways desk where we were greeted by a very well-dressed and very polite gentleman. He assured us that we would be able to get to London that evening. When we informed him that we were connecting to Nice his face fell and he informed us that he was not sure if that would be possible. He apologised profusely once more and asked one of the Customer Service Assistants to begin looking in to whether it would be possible to reach France that evening. He instilled confidence and it felt as though BA were trying to provide good service. However, at no point did he explain why the flight had been cancelled, which we found rather frustrating.

After speaking to the man, we were passed to the Customer Service Assistant. She told us that we would not be able to go to Gatwick, but that we might be able to get to Heathrow and connect to Nice from there. The problem was that the flight to Heathrwo was delayed, which meant it would be touch and go as to whether we could make the connection. After much deliberation, BA informed us that it would not be possible and that we would have to stay in a hotel. Naturally, this disappointed us. Our disappointment changed to anger when we arrived in London however. As we got off the plane, we were greeted by BA ground staff who were waiting to escort other passengers from the plane to the connection to Nice. We asked the ground staff why but were no explanations forthcoming.

The ground staff were unable to help us, so we went to a BA information desk. The staff there were also unable to explain why we couldn't get the flight to Nice. Instead they gave us vouchers for a hotel and transport to said hotel. After this rather frustrating escapade, we set off to the bus stop to get to the hotel. To our dismay, this was not a smooth process. The buses only ran every 30 minutes, so we had to wait for one to arrive. When it did, it was 10 minutes late. The hotel was also a long way from Terminal 5. It took around 25 minutes for us to actually get there. By the time we were in our room it was 22h00. This was the time we were expecting to arrive in Nice and was only 7 hours before we needed to be back at the airport.

Our flight cancellation was an absolute nightmare. Both my girlfriend and I were late for work and arrived rather bleary-eyed. BA have since offered us compensation, but it was not a process I wish to repeat.

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