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Sauchiehall Street - The Perfect Area to Stay in Glasgow

There are certain cities around the world where it just seems impossible to find the things you are looking for. In Lyon for example, everything seemed to be spread out in different corners of the city. Many of the hotels were to the East of the city in the business district. The shopping areas were rather more central, but the bars were on the very West of the city in the Old Town. It all made for a lot of schlepping our respective asses around the city. I had similar problems in both Nanjing and Hohhot in China where I seemed to walk for hours without finding any type of nucleus containing shops restaurants or hotels. I always dread encountering such cities on my travels. However, a fate worse than this is landing in a city where everything is centrally located … except the hotel you have reserved online. This was something that happened to my girlfriend and I in Marseille where we found ourselves a long subway ride from the Port and surrounding attractions.
When I booked the Premier Inn Charing Cross in Glasgow, I had all these concerns passing through my mind. We had thought about staying at the Ibis Budget close to the river, but were swayed because it seemed a little remote However, as I researched where there might be good shops and restaurants, I began to see that the Premier Inn would be a good choice as it was close to Sauchiehall Street around which scores of things seemed to be located. As it transpired, my predictions were correct as Sauchiehall Street provided us with absolutely everything we needed in Glasgow.
We were actually in Glasgow to attend a friend's wedding. This meant, to my girlfriend at least, that we needed to find both a hair-salon and a beautician to visit on the morning of the wedding. This proved no problem as we were able to locate both within 200m of our hotel. They both provided great service with my girlfriend enjoying a style and blow-dry for 20GBP and eye-brow-waxing for 10GBP. Whilst she was doing this, I was able to enjoy coffee in one of the many local coffee shops and then change our money – we had pounds and needed Euros at a pawnbrokers that also did foreign exchange.
After the wedding, when several of my friends and I were onto our ninth beer or so and we left the wedding venue, it was again Sauchiehall Street to which we headed. At the western end of the street there are several bars on the main road as well as a great array on the side-streets that adjoin it. We managed to find our way to Buff on one of the back-streets and had a whale of a time dancing away to sixties music and enjoying some of its very reasonably priced beer.
Prior to visiting Glasgow, my girlfriend had set her heart on enjoying a shopping spree and finding some local bargains. Again, we didn't have to go far as Sauchiehall Street is home to a fine variety of major UK High Street Brands. We scarcely had to walk a kilometre before she had visited over twenty different shops and relegated me to the role of pack mule as I lugged about the ever-increasing collection of bags filled with clothes, cosmetics and other such frivolities.
In short, Sauchiehall Street was a magnificently convenient area of Glasgow. It offered us everything we needed. There was shopping, there were cafes and restaurants, there were bars and there was accommodation. I would heartily recommend that anyone staying Glasgow pick a hotel in the vicinity.

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