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Restaurant 73

This restaurant is on Laugavegur - the main shopping street in Reykjavik. It was about 5 minutes walk from our apartment on the top end of the street, this was the only reason we chose it. It was a freezing cold, icy and windy evening, so proximity and no requirement to walk a long way were our top criteria.

The restaurant looks very unassuming from the outside. Inside it is the same - quite plain, but with a lovely cozy atmosphere. It is quite small, there are not a large number of tables so it might be an idea to book. Also it closes fairly early during the week - around 9:00pm.

It is a family owned place and we thought the staff were excellent - attentive without being over the top and very friendly. They took our drinks order straightaway and seemed to know when we needed something without us having to call them.

The menu is quite extensive, but plain hearty fare. They have salads, pasta dishes, nachos, steaks, fish dishes and their speciality - burgers. There were about 10 different types of burger, with the Epic being their speciality. I chose a Classic burger, my husband went for the Epic. The burgers were moist, succulent, juicy and just heaven on a plate. They are 100% Icelandic beef, cooked medium (so slightly pink in the middle) and just so delicious. They had a portion of chunky, homemade fries on the side. I loved this meal, it was probably the best burger I have ever had - anywhere.

There is a great children's menu as well - with chicken, fish, burgers and generally an excellent selection. Our 9 year old chose chicken strips with fries - this was all freshly cooked, proper chicken - nothing processed and he loved his meal too.

They also have a wonderful selection of Icelandic beers, both on tap and bottled. We sampled 2 different beers and were thoroughly impressed with those too.

Our meal was inexpensive and really, considering the quality of the ingredients, just outstanding value for money.

In fact, we enjoyed it so much, we went back again on our last evening in Iceland - something we never do, always wanting to try somewhere new. We even ordered exactly the same meals - so impressed were we first time around. That says it all.

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