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Friday Night in the Buff

I am sure that anyone who has ever spent an evening at Buff Club in Glasgow will have either made a joke or thought about making a joke that relates to the name Buff being British slang for native. I can imagine hundreds of Facebook updates that might read something like: 'Having fun in the Buff' or 'Can't believe Tom is in the Buff tonight'. As I almost always give in to peer pressure rather quickly and pitifully, I decided to do the same with the title for this article. However, terrible puns aside, my girlfriend and I had a great time at Buff.
To set the scene, we had been at my friend's wedding during the afternoon and early evening. As a consequence, we were very much in the party mood. So, we jumped on a bus from the wedding venue – the rather nice A House for an Art Lover – and headed onto Sauchiehall Street in the city centre. Buff is located on a rather dark backstreet that runs parallel to the large shopping street. If we had not been accompanied by a few locals, we may not have ventured down there, but I am glad that we did.
The first surprise in Buff was the prices. I ordered two bottles of cider and two pints of lager and was charged for 11GBP. Considering it was a Friday night in a night-club in a major British city was expecting to pay roughly double that. So, I was delighted – it put me in even more of a dancing mood! On top of this, the beer was good; it was crisp and cold.
Buff is separated into two floors. The bottom is more of a bar. It plays modern music – rock and indie music rather than techno or dance - at rather loud volumes. We settled in to enjoy our beers and chill out a little to the music. It was not bad at all and I could easily have spent a very nice evening like that. However, our desire to dance and the fact that it was rather crowded downstairs pushed us upstairs to the dance-floor.
When we got there, I was both delighted and astounded to find that not only was the dance-floor busy buzzing, but that the music was 1960s British music of the mod variety. I am a huge fan of such sounds – The Small faces and the Spencer Davis Group are a couple of major favourites – which meant my girlfriend and I were onto the dance-floor extremely quickly. There were a couple of factors that conspired to make the dancing fantastic. The first was that we had been at a traditionally Scottish Wedding and had been 'enjoying' Caley dancing. There had been no modern music at all, so we were very much ready for a change of pace. The second was that we were all dressed rather formally because of the wedding, so we fitted into the 1960s vibe very well.
We had an absolutely fantastic time at Buff and I would heartily recommend it to anyone who is visiting Glasgow and looking for a good evening out. It was free to enter and the drinks were cheap.

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