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Have Pride, Halifax

Halifax Pride Parade 2012 Photo, Halifax, Nova Scotia

More and more cities and towns are celebrating Gay Pride in the summer. The full acronym is LGBT and they've recently added a Q on the end. (Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual, Transsexual, Queer). Gay Pride celebrates that you can be different and still live on an equal footing with everyone else with the same rights and expectations. Little by little, it's getting there.

Halifax has been celebrating Pride since 1987 and it's grown from a small parade to a week of events in mid July. There is a Queer theatre festival at the Bus Stop theatre on Gottingen Street, a drag queen Bingo at the Halifax Forum Bingo hall, lectures in the main Halifax library, and AIDS vigil also at the library, a boat cruise, special club and dance nights, a great softball game between the Divas and the Dykes and of course, the parade.

The Pride parade is wonderful! It's bright and colourful and everyone is happy, singing, dancing and waving to the crowds. After the parade, there's a festival and outdoor concert on the Garrison Grounds behind the Public Gardens after the parade. It's heartwarming to see so many people of all persuasions there to support the community that was shut away in a closet for so long.

Check the website for events and dates http://halifaxpride.com/ Usually begins near the middle of the month over two weekends and the week in between, ending near the last weekend of the month of July.

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