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(This tip is for those travelers who can travel Space-A on Airlift Command flights.)
Most of the flights going to Moron are out of Dover AMC or Norfolk AMC – and are reflected on their FB pages. Moron AMC does not have a active FB page and requires calling the Passenger terminal for the flights mostly headed to Norfolk or Dover.
You will likely get to Spain early in the morning – not late at night. Remember your going about 7 hours flight and 6 hours ahead on top of that. Getting there during daytime should allow you to work through the requirements that will confront and may confuse you when you arrive and allow you to be on your way for a vacation in Spain.
Upon landing at Moron AB -you may be informed that passport visa authority is with the National Police, and that you will have to go to the town of Moron's Police ststion if you are going to be in Spain longer than 48 hours - and planning to get off the base. It is not required if only changing planes at Moron. Since everything you do in a country requires that visa stamp - it has to be the first item to be accomplished. (Note that the Air Base military authorities do not have ability to do the visa - same as US Customs is required in USA arrival).
Remember that this is a non-US Base – its important to understand that the Spanish Government sets the entry and exit from the base procedures and requirements. What this means is your ID card alone wont get you back on the base when you depart.
You will need to get yourself entered in the AMC Moron log so that you are signed up when comes time to return back to Moron AB and catch a hop back to the US. You will also need to get your Leave orders stamped so that you can get back on base when you return. If you do not have your leave stamped – you will find yourself at the front gate for a short while before the US military police come to check your paperwork and then get the Spanish military police to approve it.
Many do not realize that Moron AB is not next to anything but farmlands – and that there is nothing out the front gates to walk to. There is no down the street from Moron – it is about 14km to town and a 30 Euro price round trip taxi ride. Its about 45 minute ride in to Seville. Most bases in Europe have the town or city right out the gate – and as such is not the case – it makes it easier to understand how important the Spanish Workers Bus Schedule can play into your needs to depart Moran AB and to return.
The bus from the Moron AB passenger terminal will take you to the USAF Frontier Hotel on base. They are currently closed to Space A passengers for getting rooms until after 3 July 2013. Across the street from the hotel- there is an ATM to get Euros in the building next to the NEX and by the Spanish gift store. That should be your first stop after getting dropped off at the Hotel Frontier, which is the base guest house. On the small post itself - there is a NEX and a Spanish gift shop, a gym, movie house, post office, barbershop, and a DFAC, a rec bar, and a pool.
The best means to get around is actually using the Spanish workers buses – which are seat available – but free if you can get on it. This is and really can be a critical way to save some money! Get a copy from the hotel front desk upon arrival so you have all the schedules current times and the map of pickup point locations on base and in Seville and Moron.
You can take a scheduled worker bus to Moron to complete the visa requirement if required. Time to do so should be about 5 minutes in the police station. Bring your landing paperwork and your passport and Government ID. You will need to get a taxi back to the Airbase if you took the bus. The hotel can call a taxi for you – and there and back from the USAF Frontier Hotel to the police station will run you 30 Euro – but may be the way to go to save time if there are several of you who want to split the cab..
You can take a cab from base to Seville – or the worker bus. There are 6 buses each day that run to Seville and to Moron. If you are looking at saving time – splitting a 7 pax cab van may be an option – but at the high price – time would probably be the only reason for 3 pax to split one.Or you can take a cab to Moron and get a regular bus for 5-10 Euros to Seville’s main bus station.
The worker bus will take you to the stop near Seville’s Metro that is also close to the bus station. To get to the Central RENFE Train Station – you are going to Santa Justas, and its only one or 2 stops away. Euro change is needed or small bills for getting a Metro ticket. If you are traveling by rail in Spain – you may want to look at the Spanish Rail pass with 4 stops. For about 163 Euro – you can make 4 different trips on the trains across Spain. In the rail station, there is a ticket counter, and you will need to get a number from the center column box and await your turn for a window.
Wanting to rent a car from the NEXMART at Moron AB, contact Office hours are from 0800-1600 hours M-F.
If wanting to rent a car from moron – try Moron Autorent at or
There is a post office by the NEX at Moran – if you are active duty – and if you want to buy things in Spain and ship them home by mail - it is possible to do so. That is a key item if you are returning through Moron with more luggage and gifts that you can carry back on AMC.
How to get to Moron AB from Seville. You have several options that are really based on how much time you have. In a rush – cab ride will cost you between 70-90 Euros! Bus ride to Moron is about 5 Euros – and the cab from Moran is about 15 Euros. Only cabs from Moron can get on base – the others have to drop you at the front gate. Make sure you get your Leave stamped to allow you to get back on base – it is a requirement of the Spanish Armed forces. Check with the hotel on the workers bus schedule to see if there is a scheduled work bus going to the hotel.
You can stay in the rec center till midnight – talk to the hotel and stay in their lobby all night, or wait at the passenger terminal on the metal seats. The Hotel will lockup your bags for you so that you do not have to keep carrying them around... You have the option of walking the half mile to the passenger terminal – or calling for military transportation to assist you.
Since Moron is not active on FB – it is advisable to check three times a day with them to see if there are any changes. Good luck and enjoy Espana!

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