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Blackpool's Top 5 Attractions

Blackpool Tower from the Air Photo, Blackpool, England

Blackpool has an awful lot of attractions to keep you entertained but here are the five that I really think you should consider if you are heading that way.

===Blackpool Tower===

This quite clearly has to be top of the list as it is arguably the most famous thing about Blackpool. It isn't cheap to get in, but there is plenty to do when you get there. Tickets cost £30 for a day pass, but you will get entry into the tower, the world famous Tower Ballroom (which has been home to Strictly Come Dancing), the brand new Tower Dungeons, the Blackpool Tower Circus and the extremely popular children's play area Jungle Jim's. For your £30 you will definitely get a full days entertainment, so it is just about worth it.

===The Pleasure Beach===

This is a fantastic amusement park that has some of the best rides in Europe in. It is home to the famous Big One, which is a ridiculously high roller coaster. It is also now home to the Nickelodeon World, where youngsters can mingle with all their favourite characters including Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants. Again it isn't cheap to get into, but you can make big savings if you book your tickets online before you go. You can get a vast array of wristbands for different prices, depending on what you want and how long you are visiting.

===The Three Piers===

Almost as famous as the tower, the three piers offer a wide range of activities to keep you entertained. North Pier is very traditional and has a little train going down the middle and a old style carousel at the bottom. Central pier is close to the tower and has a big wheel on it which offers great views over the town. South Pier is near to the Pleasure Beach and has more of a funfair feel to it. There are amusement arcades and lots of rides, including extreme thrill rides. All three piers are free to enter and well worth a visit.

===Sandcastle Waterpark===

This is a fabulous indoor waterpark so is a great option to consider if the great British weather does its usual thing. There are plenty of rides inside and you'll get at least a few hours entertainment in there. There are also shops and cafes inside so you can get everything you need.

===Blackpool Zoo===

I always remember Blackpool Zoo having a bit of a bad reputation, but it has gone a long way to overhaul that and really is a great place to visit. There are lots of fabulous animals to see including gorillas, lions, tigers and elephants. There is a fabulous penguin enclosure where you can get a view inside their swimming pool which I love. There are restaurants and cafes around the zoo, free parking and a really decent shop selling lots of souvenirs.

So whatever you want, Blackpool has it by the bucketload and whilst a lot of it isn't cheap to get into, there are plenty of free things to wander around too.

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