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Our first nibble of a Truffle

Momento Restaurant Photo, Pula, Croatia

We chose the Momento Restaurant because here they did a cheese with truffle. We wanted to try truffles because we’ve never tasted them before and Istria, the region in which Pula is based, is famous for them. We’d stopped off at a truffle shop the day before and as the woman in the shop spoke very little English she’s gone to the nearby restaurant to ask one of the waiters to assist. He’d been very helpful and in discussion had said that his restaurant served a Cheese with Truffle and that seemed a good way to experience the taste.

The Momento Restaurant is nothing special to look at but checking out other places as we toured the town we didn’t see any others that served the cheese starter so our minds were made up. We decided to just order the cheese initially so that we could opt for a main course with truffles if we really enjoyed it. It seemed to take an age for the starter to come to the table which was pretty surprising because at that stage we were the only diners there. A plate of garlic bread arrived first and I was surprised that they would serve such a strongly flavoured bread with the Truffle Cheese. After a few moments the cheese was brought to the table and I asked if it was normal to eat it with garlic bread. "Not really" was the reply, "But garlic bread is always served with a meal". As we looked somewhat perplexed the waiter wandered off and a few seconds later returned with a basket of French Bread.

The cheese was finely cut with a circle of olives in the centre of the plate encircling a rolled sardine. On the first nibble of the cheese I felt that we’d made a mistake. There was quite a distinct flavour, somewhat bitter, sharp and pungent taste. There were thin slivers of the truffle in the cheese and the taste was therefore quite strong. I really wasn’t too sure about the taste although after the second tasting I didn’t find it offensive. However, both of us felt that we’d draw the line at this single tasting!

We ate slowly trying to recognise any distinct taste, but I’m afraid we failed dismally. We’d tried it and experienced the flavour but neither of us will rush back to repeat the experience!

For our main courses my wife had Spaghetti Carbonarra and I opted for an Istrian Escalope. We were peckish and soon we were devouring the main course. My wife described her Carbonarra as really good whilst I was less impressed with my meal. It was a grilled chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese and in my view it was slightly over cooked leaving the meat a little stringy. It was tasty enough and I have to say that the portion, together with a plate full of French Fries, was substantial. Of course I finished off the plateful, but it’s not a place I would rush back to eat at.

My wife opted to finish her meal with a Veliki Macchiato a coffee that in effect was a Cappuccino by another name, whilst I enjoyed another half litre of Ozujsko beer.

The waiters at the Restaurant Momento were very friendly and hospitable and were quite happy to engage in chat at our instigation. The meal, bearing in mind our Truffle cheese was 75KN came to a total of 310KN. It’s a moderately priced restaurant, with friendly staff and a pleasant ambience. Let down, in my opinion, with overcooked meat.

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