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Overcoming Sticker Shock

Half-Rack of Ribs - Delicious But Expensive Photo, Paradise Island, Bahamas

It did not take long for us to realize how expensive a stay at the Atlantis Resort can become. Atlantis is not an all-inclusive resort – meaning you must pay for meals. Furthermore, gratuities are automatically added to your bill regardless of whether you are having a sit-down meal or ordering take-away. The prices we encountered were outrageous: 1-liter bottle = $7; cupcake = $8; etc… My wife and I developed a strategy for dealing with the high prices:

  • Share an entree: After not being able to finish a $67 lunch, we made up our minds that we would decide on an entrée and share it. A benefit of sharing an entrée is that we had more room for dessert.

  • Eat a late lunch instead of dinner: The prices on the lunch menus are nearly half that of the dinner menus. Depending on the restaurant, lunch is served until 4 or 4:30 PM. You can save a significant amount if you don't mind eating dinner at this time.

  • Go across the bridge: Although we never got a chance to try this, we were told by people we met that the prices on shopping and food were more reasonable across the bridge in downtown Nassau. We were told that the one-way fee for a taxi or water ferry start as low as $4.

  • Visit the Marina Village: The Marina Village is part of Atlantis but the restaurant prices on food and shopping are slightly cheaper. You can use your room key card as payment. Consider sharing an entrée between two people for more savings.

  • Visit the Paradise Shopping Village: The Paradise Shopping Village sits just outside the Marina Village; however, it is not part of Atlantis. There you will find a convenience store, Dunkin Donuts, and other establishments. My wife and I had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts one morning for less than $15. By contrast, the breakfast buffets at the resort restaurants were $32 per person.

  • Free internet in the library: If you must stay connected during your vacation and do not want to pay the $20/day fee for in-room Wi-Fi/internet access, you can get 15 minutes/day of free internet access at the resort’s library. Stop by the librarian’s desk to get the password. We encountered a 20-minute wait for a computer when we went there at 5:30 PM. The librarian recommended visiting around noon when there is less of a wait.

  • Free Wi-Fi at the Dunkin Donuts (kind of): The Dunkin Donuts in the Paradise Shopping Village offers free Wi-Fi to its customers. Just ask the cashier for the Wi-Fi password when you purchase something. The password seems to be good for the entire day.

  • Bring your own water and snacks: Pack bottled water and snacks in your checked luggage. Do bring meats or produce because these items are not allowed through customs. Avoid packing sodas or any other carbonated beverages. The pressure changes during the flight could cause them to leak in your suitcase.

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