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Bargain deal for food in Las Vegas

Bargain Buffet deal in Las Vegas

My children were going to treat us to a meal out while we were in Las vegas but so many were so expensive. I spotted this deal run by Caesars Entertainment. They had a  24 hr passes which was able to be used at any one of these seven locations for their buffets; - Harrah's, Flamingo, The Quad, Paris Las Vegas, Rio Hotel, Caesars, and Planet Hollywood. It cost $44.99 + tax but we joined their Total Rewards which was free and it was about $5 less if I remember correctly.

The advantage with the buffets is that a group of you can all eat together and each can choose what they want to eat. You can try as many different types of food as you like and eat just a little of each. There is so much choice from Japanese through to Indian through seafood salads and Italian with everything else in between. You can of course make a total pig of yourself but if you are a normal sort of person there is a limit to how much you can or want to eat.

We did very well out of this deal as we ate quite late on the first night. My son and girl friend had booked to see Penn & Teller at the Rio so we all went up to that buffet and ate just before they went in to their show. It was an excellent buffet as they all were ad plenty of cold seafood including great crab claws which were sweet and juicy. They went to their show and we went to Freemont Street to explore.

The next morning we went to the Paris casino Hotel and had a great breakfast. hat was the one buffet where we had to queue the longest but we wanted to try different places. There was everything you might desire for breakfast from fresh fruit salads and pastries through to a variety of hot stuff that would put many a hotel to shame. It was set in a sort of Parisian style so a number of smaller 'rooms' all part of the same place with quite a French sort of feel to it all.

For lunch, we didn't feel that hungry despite walking around all morning but we wanted to get our money's worth, so we found the buffet at Flamigoes. It was nice to see the flamingoes in their 'lake' side area and then we explored what was on offer at the buffet. There were different foods and more snack like stuff on offer but still plenty of choice and far more than we needed. They even had candy floss in bags which we took back for my daughter's boy friend who was not at all well while we were there.

Finally, yes our fourth meal in the 24 hours we chose to eat early so that we were within the 24 hours and we had a reasonably early show booked too so we went to Planet Hollywood which was where our show was. Once again there was a huge choice of food and we didn't have to queue too long as we were quite early.

I would certainly recommend this deal if you go to Las Vegas and if like us you time your meals right you can get four meals from the $40 price which is pretty good value in my view.

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