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Enjoying Marrakech

A Drink With A View Photo, Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech really is a cool city and is great fun to visit. There are lots of things to see and it doesn't cost a lot - if anything - to see them. Here are my tips for enjoying it to its full . . .

===My Marrakech Top Three===

1. Jemaa El Fna is the main square and it is a bustling place to go. Enjoy all the traditional activities that take place including the evening markets, watch the entertainers and eat some traditional food.

2. The Souks are a great place to get lost and pick up a great souvenir of your visit. You can enjoy the different sections that include carpets, leather goods, wooden gifts and everything in between.

3. Visit one of the gardens. There are lots of green spaces in the city - a surprising amount really. We went to Jardin Majorelle which is nice but only worth a little bit of your time. There are lots of free gardens to wander around.

===Things to Bear in Mind===

The currency in Marrakech is Dirhams, but it is a closed currency which means that you can't get any before you go and you can't bring any out of the country. The exchange rate is fixed so it doesn't matter where you get it from. I'd recommend getting small amounts because you don't want to be left with any and you can't even spend it at the airport on your way home.

You'll have to pay for everything. When you go to the main square for example and take a picture of one of the entertainers, they will expect payment for it. It is something that you have to get on board with it because it will just ruin your experience if you get into an argument over a few pence - don't feel forced to pay a lot though.

===Tips to Enjoy Yourself===

Wear sun cream. It gets really hot and you tend not to notice when you are wandering round and are distracted by everything that is going on. Don't run the risk of getting sunburn.

Enjoy a cold drink on one of the rooftop bars at the square. It's a great place to watch the entertainment unfold below you without being in the thick of it. The views are great and you can get some good pictures of both the square and the Atlas mountains in the distance.

Get lost in the souks and don't be afraid of just wandering without any aims in mind. We just wandered and it was almost like seeing behind the scenes or Marrakech.

Learn a bit of French. That is the language that most people here speak and it is nice to be able to converse a little bit with the stall holders. They almost always speak good enough English to make a deal with you but it is nice to not feel on the back step.

Most of all you should just go with the flow because it is a great bustling city and you can have so much fun seeing things that you wouldn't see anywhere else in the world.

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