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Pirates in St Joseph

St Joseph Photo, Michigan, United States

St Joseph, Michigan

We spent a few week in the USA last year driving around the lakeside states. We spent a couple of days in St Joseph exploring the shores of Lake Michigan.

I don't think until you have actually seen the Great Lakes that you can have any idea of quite how huge they are. From our hotel window seeing the beach of the lake I honestly thought it looked like the sea coast. They have waves and sandy beaches and people visit St Joseph as they would a seaside town.

We made our way along the lake shore to the Lake Bluff Park where we loved all the beautiful sculptures and we even sat on one of the park benches and enjoyed watching people walking dogs and jogging and just sitting like us looking out over the lake and the pier . We then became a bit pro active and walked around inspecting the different memorials and found a bandstand a bit like the sort in English parks. We also took advantage of the staircase that took us down to the lower street and also used the restrooms which were lovely and clean.

You can also walk down towards the little harbour which is on the river mouth and see the lighthouse of St Joseph as well. There is a large playground for children but early in the morning we saw few children on there playing.

The town centre was quaint in an American sort of way with brick paved roads. The town when we visited had a display of pirates around the town and so we had fun going around taking photos of all the different decorated pirates.

The shops offered a nice range of tourist attractive possibilities with arty and souvenir shops but I can't say we were drawn in to any.

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