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Century 21 department store Photo, New York, New York

We got to New York via Newark Airport on an early morning flight from Halifax. It's a 2 hour flight from here. We got the airport bus to Port Authority because that was very close to our hotel. We arrived at the hotel by about 8:30 or so with no chance of getting into the room until after 4. We left the bags there and headed out. Start off with breakfast. We could have used the hotel but it was crowded and a bit of a madhouse so we had a nice cooked breakfast at a nearby pub we saw was open for breakfast. Walked a few blocks up to the Gray Line offices and got our hop on hop off tickets in exchange for our prepaid voucher and went across the road to get on a bus.

The weather is perfect for it today, too. Warm and sunny. We wanted to take advantage while we had it.

The guide on the first part of the tour, Dominic, was great! We travelled around through fairly heavy traffic through mid-town and down to the lower part of Manhattan. We got off the bus near Chinatown and walked from there down past the City hall and Justice buildings and then over to where the new "Freedom" Tower is being built. We didn’t find the actual 911 site which was around behind some other construction I think but we had a good look at the building, which is really beautiful and extremely high.

We had thought we’d try to take the Staten Island Ferry and then pick up the bus tour again but by this time we were beat. We walked a bit further and decided it was lunch time and we needed a rest. Found the Irish American pub which was below street level but it was a nice place, quiet and the food was pretty good. We had a good rest and availed ourselves of the toilets, too.

Down by the stock exchange and the big bronze bull, we spotted the tour bus so we picked up the tour again to finish that particular route back up to mid town along the east side of the island with views of Brooklyn, the bridges and the UN building. The guide this time around had a very strong Arabic accent and was very difficult to make out.

We could finally get into the room and had a couple of hours down time to rest. My legs were aching and I had a really sore spot on my toe. Later we walked around the corner to a brew pub we’d seen and I had heard was good, called Heartland Brewery. It was pretty decent we thought with nice beers and tasty food though it was a bit slow arriving.

Back to the hotel to finally get to bed. We had thought we’d walk over by Times Square but my poor toe was too sore and both of us had had enough after a very long day.

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