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Mini Spa Day

Pretty Feet! Photo, Coronado, Panama

We met Wayne and Lise, who run Hair & Nails Head 2 Toe part-time from their home, shortly after we arrived in Panama when my boyfriend went to see Wayne for a haircut. Today, I went for a cut and pedicure.

First, Wayne took care of my hair. His chair, sink, and supplies are set up in the bohio in the yard -- a beautiful setting with everything you need for a great cut. The water at his sink wasn't working today (welcome to Panama), so he sprayed my hair down with the bottle and got to work. The trim cleaned up what was getting to be quite a mess (it was the first good haircut I've had in a couple of years) -- and it was only $10. I had a simple cut -- the prices go up from there -- but it's still a fantastic deal. He also does coloring and men's hair.

Then I went inside to see Lise. The "second bedroom" in their house is devoted to her nails and waxing business. I chose an essential oil to add to my foot bath, and we chatted while she removed my old polish and prepared my feet. After that, I got up on the table so I could hang my feet over the side and she could work from a chair. The hour flew by and my feet look and feel fantastic. $20.

There are other places in town that are cheaper, but remember that sometimes you get what you pay for -- I've heard from several people that several of those places aren't so sanitary: unsterilized equipment, therapists with dirty hands. Yuck. Plus, Wayne and Lise are from Canada -- they speak English (and Lise speaks French), so if you don't speak Spanish you can still be sure you're clearly communicating what you want done with your hair.

Lise also does manicures and paraffin treatments as well as waxing. All treatments are by appointment, so make sure to call ahead.

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