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Old Road Village

The villas on the cliffside Photo, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Old Road is the very first established community on the island of Antigua, located quite a distance from the capital city. In retrospect, it's actually one of the furthest countryside communities. The best way to view the area for the very first time, is via Fig Tree Drive starting from the turn-off at Tyrells on the All Saints Main Road.

After passing through several small districts such as Follys and John Hughes, you'll encounter many curves and bends in the winding narrow road before arriving at Old Road. This island village is akin to those you would expect to find in the Southern Caribbean islands, rather than on a popular tourist destination such as Antigua and St. Maarten.

Small but brightly coloured stalls fabricated from pieces of wood line the main road, with a wide array of fresh fruit and other local snacks for sale. Expect to sample fruits such as 'Julie' mango and sweet and tropical Finger Rose, which belongs to the banana family.

Speaking of fruits, Old Road is the home of the Antigua Black Pineapple, which is the national fruit of Antigua. There are several large plantations in and around the village, which facilitate the growth and exportation of what is considered to be one of the sweetest varieties of pineapple worldwide.

While slowly driving through the village, you'll arrive at a long but gentle incline. After peaking the hill, you will be treated to one of the best seascapes on the Southern Coast of the island. Acacia trees dot the hillside, but that doesn't diminish the vista in the slightest. The bay appears to stretch for miles, waves crash on the sandy shore far below, and charming cliffside villas line the nearby escarpment.

The beach in sight is known as Morris Bay, and it's a great place to take a dip if you're interested in immersing yourself in the 'island life'. The shore is usually characterized with children playing games such as cricket and football, while the village men tend to their fishing boats which are docked a few feet away.

To see a different side of Antigua than what is publicized in the media, take a trip here. There's more than the fabulous beach and the ubiquitous palm trees, and you can be sure that everything you'll experience is genuine and not scripted for your benefit.

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