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Guided Wagon Tour

All Aboard the Wagon Tour Photo, Nappanee, Indiana

This is the other guided tour available during a visit to Amish Acres Historic Farm and Heritage Resort. The 30 minute tour takes visitors on a circle loop around the property, passing by a number of historic Amish buildings that have been brought here to preserve the history and heritage of the Amish people of this area.

Included on the "ride-by" tour are the broom shop, the ice house, the Beer Maple Sugar Camp, a blacksmith shop and several houses. The one stop the tour makes is at the German schoolhouse located at the far corner of the property.

Built in the 1880's, it is one of the oldest Amish schoolhouses in the Nappanee area and was acquired by Amish Acres in 2004 for restoration and preservation. On the same parcel of land is an original "school wagon" that was used to bring children to school from nearby communities. Today, Amish schoolhouses are scattered throughout the countryside, close to clusters of family farms close enough to walk or bicycle to.

The schoolhouse was heated by wood or coal and had two outhouses. At the entrance were two coat rooms - one for the boys and another for the girls. Inside were rows of wooden benches and desk tops. Boys and girls did not sit together . . . and children only attended school through the eighth grade. Most Amish schools today teach all children from first through eighth grade.

To learn more about this 19th century Amish schoolhouse, check out: .

After time at the schoolhouse, we loaded back onto the wagon for the short ride back to the Greeting Barn and Wagon Shed.

This tour is included in the ticket price for the House & Farm Tour.

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