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Road Trip to Michigan

Welcome to Michigan Photo, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Wisconsin shares Lake Michigan with the State of Michigan, which has the second longest shoreline in the USA . . . second only to Alaska. Home to more than 100 lighthouses, Michigan is an interesting place to visit. I only wish I had more time than what I did . . . and that the weather was better!

I left Milwaukee around 7:30am, hoping to get into Ypsilanti by 3:00pm local time. Since I was going to lose an hour travel east, I knew it was possible only if I didn't hit horrendous traffic going through Chicago.

There are two routes to take east through Chicago; the southern route via toll roads that keeps you out of Chicago proper . . . and the more direct route that hugs along the city limits. Since Illinois nearly doubled their toll rates a couple of years ago, we avoid paying them a penny so my plan and with "TOOTS" help, I'd be going through town. (Toots is my Garmin GPS device.)

I made excellent time through Chicago with only a minor two or three mile back-up. Once through the city, Indiana was next for a brief 30 minutes or so, and then on into Michigan. I made it into Ypsilanti by around 2:00pm EDT, allowing me plenty of time to have lunch and see a couple of historical museums on my wish list.

I must say, I am very impressed with the efforts of the Michigan tourism department. Here in Wisconsin we are bombarded with radio and television ads that promote "True Michigan . . . Michigan.org . . . your journey begins here." Once in Michigan, it was time for a leg stretch and biological break. They have a very nice welcome center right after entering the state on I94. Being greeted by a lighthouse on a small retaining pond seemed appropriate.

Inside, they had what I believe to be the best visitors center with tourist information, I've ever seen in all of my travels throughout the United States. Organized geographically and by special interest, anything you may want to see or explore in Michigan is promoted here! And unlike so many welcome centers today, this one had someone there to answer questions and to help you find the information necessary for your time in Michigan.

For those considering a trip to Michigan, whether for business or pleasure, be sure to check out Michigan.org or the first Welcome Center you see once you arrive.

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