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Tulum Xtreme!

Iguana Photo, Cancun, Mexico

So Day 3 beings at 6:30 am. Ridiculous right? I know! Anyway, we catch our van to Tulum Xtreme and travel to two other hotels to pick up others. After about a half hour ride we pull into a gas station and are divided into two other vans. This is starting to sound suspicious...but it wasn't.

It's another hour or so before we arrive to a dirt road covered every inch in pot holes that we follow deep out into the jungle to very possibly be cut up into small pieces, buried, and never heard from again. But thankfully it's just to the Xtreme part of this tour. We start right in on the zip lines. The fifteen seconds on each line was great, the tower of stairs we had to climb at each one was not. The one relief was that we were way above the tree line so it was quite breezy. We did three lines (wow, that doesn't sound right now does it) and then followed Alf (our tour guide) through the woods to the rappelling tower. It wasn't like rappelling down a wall, you had to stick your butt out over the side of the tower and lean as far back as you could with your feet on the edge, and then lower yourself down. Once you were clear from the top of the tower you could control how fast you went down by squeezing on or releasing a rope. He demonstrated how easy it was to do with only two fingers, but I had my whole hand gripping that thing and still went down faster than I wanted. Not to mention the rope hurt even through gloves. It was fun though, once you got over the side of the tower.

Then to our surprise we were brought to a cenote (an underwater cave filled with water pronounced see-a-no-tay) to snorkel. I apparently missed that part of the memo and we had no swim suits. But at that point water sounded wonderful and we just went in our clothes. We were nearly totally dry within an hour anyway. So we got our snorkels and life vests and follow Alf into this cave. He told us the water would be a little cold, 75 or so. But when you're sweating in 95 degree heat for a couple hours 75 degrees might as well be 30. It was freezing. But, we got used to it very quickly. The cave was amazing. There were stalactites, and stalagmites all over the place, and more crevices and caves under the water. And these tiny little catfish. We swam around and looked for a good while. That was an incredible experience. I felt like I was somewhere people shouldn't be, somewhere very few people have been.

We got a buffet lunch after that of various mexican food, then got back in the van to head to Tulum. We had a tour guide at the ruins for about thirty minutes, then we had an hour to do whatever we wanted. This was the iguana mecca. Those things were everywhere. You literally had to watch your step not to step on one. I almost did. Melissa and I checked out the coast line and walked through the ruins, but didn't stay there long. We went back to the little town and tried coconut (not good) and shopped. And had ice cream (to make up for the coconut). We kept hoping the Flying Men would preform, and they continued to tease us, but they never did anything. After Tulum Alf took us to meet back up with the first van and we were taken back to the hotel.

It should be obvious by now what we did next. Had our daily spanish lesson with Friends, then took the bus downtown. We ate at Mextreme. Amazing food. Puts our mexican food to shame. We had nachos and burritos. So good. Plus, our waiter brought our drinks to us balanced on his head. After dinner we did spend some time downtown shopping in the flea market. The point of the flea market is to haggle. I can't do that. I overpaid for everything, and I knew it. I would look at something, this should be about 4 bucks. "How much is this?" "8 dollars." "Ok," handing over 8 dollars. I am not the person to shop with in Mexico.

That pretty much wrapped up day 3.

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