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Tips For Enjoying Angkor

Viewing Angkor From The Top Photo, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

===Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Visit===

*Remember Angkor is a massively religious building so give consideration to your clothing. When you are inside a temple, you must have your knees and shoulders covered at all times. I took a thin cardigan to wear over my vest top, which you are allowed to wear between temples. I’d recommend loose fitting trousers rather than a skirt because it’ll be more comfortable for climbing up and down things and you can’t go to the summit of Angkor what with a skirt on. Make sure you are wearing sturdy shoes.

*There are literally hundreds of food stalls and gift shops outside all of the major temples, so you don’t need to bother bringing food in with you. With it being Cambodia, it is all cheap too.

*Make sure you bring plenty of water and sun tan lotion with you because it gets very hot. There is no wind in the temples either because they are all sheltered and open air, so a hat and sunglasses wouldn’t go a miss either. It is easy to forget you are outside when you are lost in the temples so don’t risk getting burned.

*There are guides everywhere at the entrances to the temples and it costs only a few dollars to use their services. We didn’t bother, but we spoke to a few of them on the way round our visit and they are all super knowledgeable and friendly and are happy to explain small things to you, even if you aren’t a paying customer.

*Plan your trip before you go, because you won’t want to waste time planning it when you are there. There is so much to see and it is worth picking a general route out so that you see the key parts and then have the freedom to see what you stumble across on the way.


Absolutely. It is a phenomenal place and has to be seen to be believed. We loved every minute of our trip there and it felt like a real adventure. There are some fascinating things to see and the place has an amazing history. We loved the fact that it is the kind of place where you can take as much as you need or want from it. We aren’t big into temples as a rule, but we spent enough time there that we could appreciate the brilliance of the place without overdoing it. If you are a fan of this kind of thing, you could easily spend a week there and still not see even half of it. Unmissable.

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