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10 Disney World Summer Packing Tips

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When you think of Disney World in the summer what do you picture? You probably picture a magical place where the sun shines bright and the fun never stops. Well, the last part is true: Disney is an adventure to remember for a lifetime. But the sun is not always shining. June-September is actually the rainy season in Orlando. But don't fret! Most of the rain showers happen in the evening time and are rather light and quick.

So, how does one pack for these partially cloudy, hot days? Here are some useful packing tips to make the Disney Summer trips more enjoyable.

Tip one: bring waterproof or water-resistant sunscreen and reapply often.
Even though it may be cloudy, your skin is exposed to a high amount of UV rays which can easily burn exposed skin. Don't forget to reapply throughout the day as sunscreen (even the waterproof kind) can rub off or diminish - especially after a light rain or water ride. It is a good idea to buy a large bottle of sunscreen as well as a refillable travel size (one for the hotel and one for the Disney experience)

Tip two: Don't forget lip balm!
Sun blocking lip balm is the most ideal for a Disney day. Dehydration and heat can both cause your lips to crack and no one wants to give their favorite Disney sweetheart a kiss with dry lips.

Which brings us to tip three: Drink plenty of water, bring in empty containers.
Due to safety concerns, opened containers are not aloud in many public venues (Your bags are subject to search, so make sure to leave valuables or any dangerous objects at your hotel- or better yet: at home). Gatorade/ electrolyte powder mixes are a good idea as well to prevent loss of nutrients from sweat.

Tip four- Don't forget to care for your feet!
Although is may be easier to slip on a pair of flip flops and head to the park, it may be smarter to take a moment to consider your footwear. Throughout the day your feet are likely to come in contact with water/moisture, dirt, strollers, spilled food, flat tires*, and other people. Not to mention, you will probably be walking and standing... A lot. Some people tend to purchase water-shoes or crocks for day use inside the park. Don't forget to break in your shoes before leaving home. be aware of any "hotspots" that appear on your feet as these are a good indicator that a blister is on its way.

*flat tire = Someone steps on the back of one of your flip flops (hopefully by accident) causing your foot to slide uncomfortable forward. The flat tire recipient may trip or even fall out of said flip flop. And in some cases, the footwear could be rendered useless!

Tip five - staying dry.
It is a good idea to pack an inexpensive poncho. Of course more expensive ones also work just fine. Of course if you wanted to splurge for a pink Minnie Mouse rubberized poncho with ears and a bow no one would judge you.

Tip six- staying cooool, be your own biggest fan..
Have you ever seen those squirt bottles with a fan attachment? Those are tiny water-misting blessings. Some of the rides have lines that leave you standing in blissful sections of air conditioning buildings (such as the last half of the tower of terror or part of space mountain) but it is more likely that you will be waiting in partial shade or even directly in the sunshine.

Tip seven- staying cool, nothing wrong with silly hats or umbrellas.
A nice, breathable silly hats are welcome. Normal hats are welcome as well. It is a good idea to get a hat that will actually shade your face. This will cut back on sun exposure as well as provide shade to reduce overheating. It may be a good idea to get a collapsible hat or one with ties as many-a-hat have decided to take the quick way off of the roller coaster rides.. It may also be a good idea to bring a portable umbrella to provide shade for yourself as well as your family.

Tip eight- what to wear?
Light colored, thin material is ideal on an Orlando Disney trip. Materials that are breathable and easily drying (think: polyester and synthetics) will leave you cool, dry and comfortable.

Tip nine- what to wear under what you wear..
Well, that's still really up to you. You may want to pack polyester/nylon undergarments. Personally, I wear a swim suit underneath but be careful about wearing it for too long...

Tip ten - what do you carry your stuff in?
In another post in this Journal I joked about wearing fanny packs. Although these tourist friendly marsupial pouches are acceptable, they are not always ride-friendly size. If you can't fit your lap bar down on your lap with a fanny pack on, you most likely will not be aloud to take the bag on the ride with you. There is a similar problem with backpacks and large purses or beach bags. If it doesn't fit in a ride cubby there may not be a safe place to keep your personals other than an expensive rent-a-locker. I would recommend a zip-able bag that is small enough to fit on your lap or back and able to be attached or secured to your person. You could also attach your water containers, umbrella or other loose objects to your belt with a carabiner.

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