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Hiking Near La Laguna

La Laguna Hike Photo, Panama, Central America

From the Pan American Highway, if you go up the mountain near Coronado at the Las Lajas turn and drive for 20-30 minutes, you'll come across a beautiful little lake near the town of La Laguna. Entry costs a dollar (I couldn't figure out if that was for parking or for us). You can walk around the lake and picnic on the banks, and depending on when you're up there you'll see some people swimming, too. I'm not much for lake swimming, but I enjoy the setting. There are also bathrooms on site.

We walked back out the entrance and down the road a few steps until we came across a path leading up the mountain. We started hiking.

It was a pretty easy hike, even though I was in sandals. There were a couple of areas that felt a bit slippery, but for the most part I felt perfectly safe. There aren't a lot of clearings from which to take in the views, but there are plenty of cool plants, butterflies, dragonflies, and way too many varieties of ants to keep you interested as you go.

We walked until we came to a fence, and decided we'd better not cross it -- it's probably someone's private property. We walked part way back out until we came to an alternate route, which we took. It led up the mountain another way, but we had an appointment to make so we backtracked and headed all the way back down.

It's beautiful up here, and a great place for a hike that's not too strenuous. Take water and snacks, because there aren't very many options for purchasing food and drinks along the road up there.

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