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Beach Volleyball

Jug of Margarita! Photo, Gorgona, Panama

A dedicated -- and growing -- group of volleyball lovers gather on the beach in Gorgona once a week to play this fantastic game. I started playing volleyball when I was about 13 years old, and I've loved it every since. When we lived in Buenos Aires, I was really disappointed that the game didn't seem to be of any interest to anyone -- we never saw a net anywhere. It's great to be playing again.

The net is located in front of the Bahia resort in Gorgona. The sand on the court is a bit littered with plants and occasion actual litter, so most of us wear shoes or sand socks -- also because the sand gets painfully hot. The first time I played, I played barefoot; I was nervous about it because of the pokey bits of plants sticking up out of the sand, but I quickly realized that the true danger was how hot the sand was! The bottoms of my feet were still sore the next day.

We've been meeting on Sunday mornings around 9:00am, though we do sometimes change the date and time due to other events or commitments. We play for about two hours, which is right about when we're not only tired but also really, really hot. I made the mistake the first week of not wearing sunscreen, and the burn on my low back didn't turn brown for a week. We bring plenty of water and a jug or two of margaritas, and I wear sunglasses and a hat.

Between matches, we usually take an ocean break -- except right now (late March, early April) because the jellyfish are out in full force. After the game, we retire to someone's pool to finish off our lovely Panamanian weekend.

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