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Chinese Food in Gorgona

Fried Rice at Restaurante Nueva Gorgona Photo, Gorgona, Panama

Restaurante Nueva Gorgona is located on the right side of the road right after you turn off the Pan American Highway into Gorgona. By the looks of it -- a plain white store front with "Restaurante Nueva Gorgona" painted near the top in a similar fashion as the local "mini supers" (small supermarkets that contain a lot of shelf-stable food and not a lot of nutritious food) -- you might not stop in, but you should.

Despite it's neat but generally unimpressive exterior, the inside is very clean, simply but tastefully decorated, and staffed by some of the nicest people you'll meet in Panama. The Chinese food menu is extensive, as you would expect from a Chinese restaurant, and low-priced. I ordered four veggie egg rolls for $3.75 -- and they were huge! They were each cut in half for a total of eight pieces, and I could only eat about five pieces, though I wanted to eat more.

My boyfriend ordered a small mixed (with veggie, chicken, beef, and shrimp) fried rice, and it was big. The picture attached here is what he spooned onto his own plate -- the serving dish still held that much, too! It was a little dry, but the flavor was good. We were both completely full and it only cost us about $7.00.

A few days later, we ordered chow mein to go. It was big enough for two meals.

Since many of the restaurants in Gorgona, like Loco's Backyard Grill, are only open a few days a week, Restaurante Nueva Gorgona gives us a delicious option on the other days. This is also a place where you're more likely to run into hungry locals than fellow ex-pats.

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