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Raise Your Voice!

Karaoke at the Wine Bar Photo, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

A very common way to spend an evening in Antigua is to participate in one of the many different Karaoke events being held. Many different bars, restaurants and even casinos dedicate an evening during the week to this vocal occasion and many people faithfully attend, whether to belt out a note or two, or to simply offer support by means of claps and whistles.

On Friday and Saturdays, C&C Wine Bar in Redcliffe Quay downtown St. John's gets the weekend started with it's weekly Karaoke Nights. Guests are seated at small tables outside under the stars, while the Karaoke team operates using a small screen and several speaker systems.

Song books are placed on each table, along with a pad and pencil with which guests are encouraged to write down their song of choice. A member of staff will routinely pass by to collect the papers and transfer them to the MC who will then call your name when the time comes. Due to the wide array of South African and Chilean wines in stock at C&C, many people turn up and seating arrangements become rather limited, so if you arrive late, there may be a short wait before being seated.

I enjoy the karaoke at C&C and I've sung a few songs on numerous nights. The crowd is usually energetic, and after sipping on wine, everyone wants a turn on the mic. The Karaoke staff is lots of fun, but parents should be aware that some of the jokes that are told aren't fit for young ones. In short, this is a great option for light hearted adult entertainment.

On Sundays, the next best Karaoke event sparks to life at the Kings Casino in Heritage Quay. After 7pm, many of the patrons pause their activity on the slot machines and grab a drink at the bar, where the Karaoke screens and mics are set up. Some of the regular attendees have really great voices, and several others do their best to 'carry their own key'.

Other places on the island which offer evenings on the microphones are The Crow's Nest on Wednesdays and Westpoint Bar and Restaurant in Jolly Beach.

Karaoke in Antigua provides a bit of live entertainment in conjunction with alcoholic beverages, and all in attendance are sure to have a good time.

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