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Movin' on up Photo, Atlanta, Georgia

I simply can’t say enough about the transportation in Atlanta. Directly from the airport we were able to board MARTA at 11:30pm to Peachtree Street. As we stood reading the directions at the machine, a MARTA representative told us we had to buy a card at a cost of $1 and then put in the number of trips we wanted at $2.50 each. We could continue to add to the card any time. We even discovered it could be used for the buses.

At our stop where there was an underground mall as it was the transfer station for east-west lines and north-south lines. At the end of very long escalator ride to surface, we were greeted by an ambassador. He wound up walking us to the condo we had rented a mere 2 blocks away. He also gave us a thumbnail sketch of the general direction of the main attractions from where we were to get our bearings. Frequency of the trains is approximately 15-20 minutes depending on day of the week. The cars are exceptionally clean and quiet.

While riding the MARTA, each stop is not only called out, but the nearby attractions listed. Maps with information are at every stop and most have restrooms as well. The buses parked near the terminals are clearly marked with the number and destination. As it was luck, accidentally repeatedly tapping my card, I had used extra trips and my card was empty. I sat down on the bus and returned with the proper amount in coins. Because that part of the machine was not working, she simply told me I could add to my card at my destination. How very nice, I thought. Clearly a tourist, she could have left me stranded.

On the bus ride to Stone Mountain, after we asked the driver to let us off at the appropriate place she proceeded to tell us about her experience climbing the mountain with her much younger and spryer nephew. At the stop, she called out to some teens to verify the direction we would walk to the entry gate and told us where to exit the park for the return home.

Making things this easy, we could easily return for a short duration and see plenty. I foresee another extended weekend.

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