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An Excellent Guesthouse in Trinidad

My Room at the Guesthouse Photo, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean

Since Trinidad is not anywhere close to being on the backpacker trail of the world, accommodations are either hotels or a random Bed and Breakfast which may or may not be in a great location. If you're visiting for a week or less, you may be able to snag a reasonable deal with one of the more budget oriented hotels in the country, but anything longer than this would be unreasonably costly.

A better idea would be to find a guesthouse or apartment which rents to visitors for longer terms for a reasonable price. These types of accommodations vary greatly in regards to the number of rooms and amenities which are included. Basic rooms can be had for approximately $11 USD per day, while the sky is the limit for luxury.

The guesthouse which became my home for over six months belonged to a local called Mr. Maraj. It was located in a really nice neighbourhood in the suburbs of D'abadie, and because of the Priority bus route only being only a short walk away, I was well connected to everywhere. The guesthouse was a bargain, at $15 a night including all the bills and household amenities.

My apartment consisted of a livingroom, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a large laundry room and a bathroom. The rooms were fully furnished, and decorated with simple touches such as pictures on the walls and various trinkets which helped the atmosphere to feel more homely. The kitchen was fully stocked with all the different pots and pans, silverware and gadgets such as microwaves and a toaster oven. The laundry room was equipped with a washer and a dryer as well as large sinks for hand washing purposes.

In the living room, a large television was set up, with many different channels available from the included Cable package. A large old school radio was also available, but for the several months of my stay, I never found the time to try it out. Wifi and airconditioning were also part of the deal, and they both ran smoothly and efficiently during my time there. Everything that could ever be needed in order to have a comfortable life in Trinidad was included in the $15 per day price tag.

The building itself housed three different apartments. The main apartment upstairs belonged to the owners, and two smaller apartments including my own were situated on the ground floor. There was a tiled driveway immediately outside of my door where I could have parked a vehicle if I had rented one. The entire property was fenced, and a large electronic gate enhanced our security.

The landowners were very pleasant, and Mr. Maraj and his wife went out of their way sometimes to make sure that my roommate and I were always comfortable. He willingly replaced the gas for the stove whenever it ran out and any other issues which came up. An example of his unwavering hospitality was when there was an unprecedented power outtage in our community. He knocked at our door to apologize and explain that this was not the norm, and brought us oil lamps in case we needed to do any reading or cooking.

This guesthouse made my stay in Trinidad a very enjoyable one. It was great being able to have a place that I could call my own, cook comfortably in and to hang up my clothes in a closet rather than living out of a suitcase. If anyone is visiting the country for longer than a week, I highly recommend they give this place a try. It's good for your budget and even better for your peace of mind!

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