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D' Avenue: Great Times for Less

Cheers to Good Times! Photo, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean

D' Avenue is the nickname given by the locals to what can be found on the map as Ariapita Avenue. This avenue is akin to what Las Vegas is to California in this island nation. Here is where everyone goes to party, to hang out in laid back lounges, or even just to be seen. However, while D'Avenue may be bustling at night, it's still very much quite alive during the daylight hours.

Countless restaurants have been established along the stretch of road, flanking on both sides. The opening hours vary from place to place, but restaurants that serve breakfast open their doors at around 9am, while others who cater for lunch and dinner will begin business at 11am. There is a eatery for every taste, from seafood, to Asian, with Italian and International thrown in between.

Some of them are laid back with budget prices, such as Drink! Wine Bar offers patrons wine and deli sandwiches etc for an affordable price (about $7 USD). On the other hand, fine dining can be found at the majority of the more upscale establishments will charge your wallet $100 USD and upwards. Street food can be found all around the avenue: $4 for gyros and $0.75 for doubles mean that even visitors on a tight budget can happily get their munch on.

The majority of the hottest nightclubs on the entire island can be found on D'Avenue, so it's no surprise that it's a huge liming spot on weekends. Nightclubs such as Coco Lounge and Frankie's are usually packed to capacity, while others will simply gather outside on the pavements to drink and socialize.

Drinks are usually decently priced, with beers at $2-3, and mixed drinks from $3 USD. Several Sport Bars are also on the avenue, and their happy hours attract large crowds from anywhere around 5pm, when the working crowds find their way to places such as Stublin' Sports Bar. Most of these bars have a few pool tables for patrons to unwind and play a couple of games. Large LCD televisions would show the sport channels, and during football or cricket season, it's almost impossible to move around once you're inside!

One of the main drawbacks to D'Avenue however, is the lack of proper parking facilities. Drivers are forced to circle for as much as five minutes, while looking for a free spot. The only spots which may be available after midnight might be a good seven to ten minutes walk from the action. Some places have private parking lots, which cost about $3 USD for the night.

Using public transportation during the day to get to and leave D'Avenue is quite ok, but not recommended during the night. For visitors who do not have a rental car, I suggest hiring a taxi. It will be expensive (US $50) depending on the distance travelled, but the cost is worth it to ensure your safety.

I love hanging out on D'Avenue. The options of things to do and places to go is so varied, that visitors are spoilt for choice. This is definitely a must for any visitor to Trinidad!

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