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Day 9 The Stanley Nut, Stanley

The Nut, Stanley Photo, Tasmania, Australia

This was the day that we set out to conquer The Nut, a large volcanic rock formation that is said to plug a hole in an extinct volcano. It dominates the coastline behind Stanley.

We stand at the base of The Nut looking up at the, somewhat, daunting task ahead of us - nothing could really prepare you for the steepness of the 450m length of track that leads to the summit. At some locations it feels like it would be easier if you walked on your tip-toes. Lucky it is a zig-zag track as it gives you a chance to catch your breathe at the locations where the path changes direction. It's a good calf workout.

For those who are not up to being that active and don't want the workout, there is a chairlift which you have to pay for, not sure of the cost, but the walk is free.

At the top of the ascent there is a track that takes you around the edge of the top, past lookouts, past shearwater nesting burrows - you don't see any of the birds because they are out at sea during the day and only come back to land at dusk-night, but you see all the holes of their burrows where the chicks are hidden - and through native flora. It takes about 3/4 - 1 hour to walk and is very scenic.

Going down was so much easier, thank goodness.

After lunch Dale went fishing of the wharf at the port and managed to bring home some sea mallet for dinner - yummy.

After dinner, at about 9.30pm, we headed down to the shore area to wait for the little penguins come to land to feed their chicks. We got a great kick at watching two fluffy chicks that would rush out of their burrow every time an adult penguin would waddle past to get fed - they either got a peck for their effort or, if they were lucky, they might get a small snack.

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