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Anniversary Night at The Old Ball Game!

View of the Gulf of Mexico from Maritime Park Photo, Pensacola, Florida

After a nice dinner at the Oar House, Mom, Erika, Todd, and I were on the way to Maritime Park in Downtown Pensacola for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos game. When we arrived we noticed that the cheap parking lot across from the park was filling up quickly due to the game being sold out, but Mom and I would have not minded walking a distance, but not in the dark like we did the last time. Erika and Todd were not about to walk in the dark into a parking lot that also doubles as people's backyards, so Todd felt it was worth the $10 to park in the main parking lot of Maritime Park.

After waiting a few minutes for the gates to Maritime Park to open, we were allowed inside. It was Military Appreciation Night along with Blue Wahoos Fan Appreciation Night, and we were given souvenir stress balls and frisbees on the way in. I was in a mischevious mood since Todd had been busting my chops all through dinner and thought I could get back at him and my sister for their anniversary by having their names posted on the score board during the game to wish them a happy anniversary. I found an usher once I got into the stadium and asked where I could pull my little prank, and she told me to go to the office near the concession stand where I could write their name on a form for the folks of Maritime Park could wish Erika and Todd a Happy Anniversary. I went to the office and did that and left the counter with a little smile on my face and told Mom, "Mission Accomplished" and we made our way to our seats.

This time around, our seats were on the first base side, and we still had a great view of the game and got to see the home team warming up. Some of the players were also signing autographs before the game, and I grabbed one of the stress balls and made my way down the steps towards the Blue Wahoos bullpen area to score some autographs. Of course, Todd had to keep wisecracking and joked, "They are a little young for you, Dianne!" Erika rolled her eyes at the thought of big sister going autograph hunting at my age, but Mom stuck up for me and said it was good for kids of any age.

I managed to get a few Blue Wahoo player autographs and chatted with one of the lefties in the group before heading back to my seat triumphant. The game began with a military color guard and a little ceremony for Military Appreciation Night, and we all were proud of Navy guy Todd in our midst. The game started, and we enjoyed a nice night of baseball with the Blue Wahoos winning 4-2. Erika and Todd's announcement came on around the 7th inning, and before they could plot to have me tossed into the nearby Gulf of Mexico, several other fans surrounding us wished Erika and Todd a Happy 11th Anniversary, and I lived to write this awesome journal about the whole thing!

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