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On the Deck at Viejo Lobo

Drinks on the Deck Photo, Pinamar, Argentina

I already wrote about our dinner at Viejo Lobo, but the drinks we had out on the deck the next day deserves its own space.

It was late afternoon when emerged from our hotel room, having recovered from hours of beach walking earlier that day. The restaurant wasn't open for business, but they directed us to the back deck.

There were a couple of other people out there, enjoying the ocean view. Our waiter was attentive and so friendly -- I ordered a mojito, and even though it took awhile for him to bring it (although my boyfriend's beer arrived in short order), he asked me to try it to make sure I liked it. I did. And it was big -- pint glass!

We sat, we talked, I ordered a strawberry daquiri, then a peach daquiri. Our waiter got more and more friendly, spending more time laughing and joking with us each time he came by. When he got off work, he asked us if we needed one more thing first, then sat down at a nearby table for a drink of his own. When he saw us taking a picture, he hopped over and posed in the middle.

The drinks were delicious andn reasonably priced, and you can't beat the view. Darkness fell too soon! They closed the outdoor bar around 8:00pm, and we lingered a bit alone to finish our drinks before heading back to our hotel for a light meal and a bottle of wine on our own deck.

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