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Silly Science Lab Photo, Tenerife, Canary Islands

This hotel caters brilliantly for children and is the ultimate family destination. Children of all ages are catered for and every day brought lots of new and fun activities for our son.

If your children like swimming, there are 2 swimming pools especially for them. The family pool - quite large, heated and in a lovely location was where we spent most of our time with our 9 year old. The age range varied in this pool, there were some little children but generally it seemed to be most popular with 6-12 year olds. You were not allowed to bring inflatable pool toys, children splashed around and swam and generally had a great time.

The Pirate Pool catered more for younger children and had a gentler atmosphere. It was in the shape of a big pirate ship with lots of little water slides, water jets and splash areas. You were allowed to bring inflatable pool toys here.

Near the family pool is the Play House. This was decorated and themed beautifully. They offered supervised play sessions, each lasting about an hour, every day. This was included in the cost, you didn't pay extra, and children could pick and choose sessions they wanted to attend. Our son attended a Magic Tricks session, made a ghost puppet and had an hour of fun. If your children don't want to attend the supervised sessions, there are times throughout the day when you can use the Play House as a family. We did this twice. Inside there is a Silly Science Lab where you can carry out experiments, a Kitchen area and an arts and crafts area. They had lots of children's books, beanbags and things to play with.

There was also a teenage area - they had some computers, a table football game, a couple of slot machines and air hockey machine.

The sports hub offered a lot of activities for children too - football tournaments, tennis coaching, archery sessions and more. They had a water based activity every day too - our 9 year old tried water walking and sea scooters. The sea scooters were particularly fun - the children were whizzing around underwater holding these, acting like James Bond.

At the back of the hotel, just off the coastal path is a lovely playground area. It is right next to the sea, the views are amazing and is a great place to play. It does not actually belong to the hotel, but was never busy when we went there. They have climbing apparatus, swings, slides and more.

One of the days during our stay was wet and stormy. This is supposedly very unusual and almost unheard of for this area. The hotel staff were fantastic though. They organised children's movies to be shown all day in the big theatre, as well as different games sessions. Our son took part in Hallowe'en games which were a lot of fun.

In the evenings, there was a children's show every night - Play House Live. It was described to be a bit like Saturday morning children's television. The presenter on stage was a bit zany and wacky, sometimes they had a pop band, there was a quiz every evening and it was all very lively and lots of fun.

In addtion to this, every evening in one of the rooms just off the main square at the hotel, they had a "family lounge area." There was a huge inflatable climbing wall, a bouncy castle, arts and crafts area and a giant screen showing children's movies. Parents were in charge of supervising their own children. There were tables and chairs for parents to sit, drinks were served and it was a great place for children to let off steam after dinner, meet their friends while their parents relaxed over a drink.

We thought the facilities for children at the hotel were first class. The main judge though was our 9 year old, who declared this hotel and all the things to do here, made this the best holiday he had ever had!!

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